Monday, January 23, 2017

naming miracles... (me!) sandra, tvgp

stealing the show at alden lane on a rainy day

 there were several people looking out the window from the garden store..   obviously mesmerized by something..    and when I inquired..  turns out it was this show stopper.    you can see from the picture at the top, the attraction; especially, on an otherwise gray, rainy, cold day

but what you cant see from that angle, is this:
-how this gorgeous flock of flowers reaches out from the fence
-as if it is stretching, reaching, with all its might


there was a brief flash in my imagination of a crowd of people
at a baseball game; fans in the stadium..   everyone reaching out in hopes of catching the fly ball..

and when I learned its proper

 -not proper, but its current -scientific?- name


not to offend, but the analogy for (me!) would be..

have you ever met a particularly attractive person; someone who just takes
your breath away, but then you learn their name..

and there is huge disconnect.

that's how it felt.

and often times at alden lane, i'll learn the formal name of a given spectacular plant, flower or tree and it is.. usually something that,
A. I cannot pronounce
B. I will never remember
C. I cannot spell properly without research..
D. don't like
E. doesn't match the appearance of..

i'm always light heartedly saying..  this is when you need some poets
these scientists..?!

but then there are a large number of plants, flowers, trees
miracles, all of them

that DO HAVE, what is referred to as a
COMMON NAME   ("thank you!" to everyone who has contributed here)

and, what common name ='s is,   -prettier, easier to say, remember and spell and a better match of sounds to appearance.

what is a great, perfect example?  I will come back to this..

the point today, is that,

apparently, according to the passionate professionals/knowledgeable sources/certified/trained horticulturists at alden lane

this very spectacular living, breathing, reaching, grasping, golden
show-stopper, sunshine on a rainy day flower-tree above

does not yet have a common name!!

it only has this name:


/honest to God, who comes up with these names?    we forgive you.

I mean, I do respect the identification process..  and you know how I adore scientists

but, come on

step back and look three times at these pictures  -please!

leucadendron * proteaceae * fynbos * shrub

no, no, no..

this will never do.   

so I was very excited then to learn, it does not yet have a common name,
because that means we can come up with our own!

sunshine on a rainy day.  yes.  maybe. closer.

-there is something so pronounced about the way it reaches/grasps..
how vibrant..   how showie~offie

then, I was thinking..   how can we remember the formal name...

maybe something that phonetically connects it..


leuc..    sounds like,   -luke!

then I came across this passage from the Bible:

and decided yes!   -so for (me!),

the common name, I have projected on this sensational creature is:

The Golden Luke 2:40,   /how is that as a batting average?

it does come in other colors!  so, adjust accordingly..

In Jesus magnificently creative vibrant name,   ~amen!


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