Saturday, January 21, 2017

cerebral hyperlink to.... (martha stewart!)

i'm only sharing two, of what must be dozens that happen each day.. but, on this occasion, I had a customer come through alden lane, who, during our small, friendly talk, at that register mentions she used to work for

martha stewart.    -she had a fun story about crashing a van she was driving during the time she worked for Martha..    and so, I verbally bullet~pointed my Martha stewart story

and we exchanged names/numbers..

and  -she told me about Martha stewart and snoopdog..

and I told her about  -the Justin Bieber roast...

and there you have it.

the older you get; the longer you live; the more cerebral hyperlinks you will have..  and the more effort you will need to employ deciding whether or not to  -open- for more information/details, or skip and keep going...

   -there was just no skippin' this one

In Jesus knows all about redemption and resurrections name..   amen!


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