Saturday, January 28, 2017

and when i saw this! on (steven pressfield!)'s website... (me!) sandra, tvgp

straight to comments with this:

“84, Charing Cross Road!!” -this is a direct cerebral hyperlink for me to a true story I must share -write now!-

LOVE the book! and the movie too!

For years I referred to Leonard Stegmann and myself as “The 21st Century 84 Charing Cross Road”

because my introduction to blogs came via Leonard Stegmann, who, beginning in 2005, wrote an entertaining blogumn, like 5 days a week for years!

REVOLUTIONARY to me, was that as a READER I could RESPOND to what i had just read

/kinda like i’m doing write now.. only this is when it was brand new

SO! Five days a week, for NINE YEARS, I read and responded in comments to Leonard’s blogs. As he has a sense of humor much like my father and brother, I felt like I could be as playful, lighthearted, and facetious or funny as I would be with family.

Of course I did wonder, what Helene and Franks relationship would have been like if they had access to blogs..

Anyway, -It was my great joy to read and respond.. read and respond.. to Leonard’s blogs for years.

And he did/does credit me for helping him keep going, as a writer.

Now, -I tried forever! to pitch this to agents/publishers; because I knew other people would find it entertaining, but -big fat nothing, until one day

a bite! -some interest! at last!

and so I went back to share the good news with Leonard, and..


I went into a bit of a panic.. contacted him immediately.. “Leonard.. there must be some kind of virus! where are the archives?!?”

and that’s when he explained to me, there was no virus.

they were -UNpublished.

apparently, when he turned his blog posts into books with Amazon as Publisher, the rules/regulations say that the stories cannot be published anywhere else online. so he unpublished everything; which vanished my 5 days a week/9 years worth of comments

-they were very entertaining.. a lot of thought/craft went into how I would respond -it nearly killed me.

but, they sit in his blogspot domain UNpublished. -when I asked to have copies of his archives for just my own memory archive

he said he would republish for a short time, and I could copy/paste only my comments; not his posts.

so, if you could imagine 84 charing cross road, with only Helene’s letters, and not Franks..

my comments were in RESPONSE.. so, what good/use?

I just let it go.

And have continued to do an enormous amount of creative non-fiction writing on my own blog.

Have let go of the 21st Century Charing Cross Road pitch & dream,

and currently believe my memoir could sit on the same shelves with Jeanette Wall’s Glass Castle, Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love, Cheryl Strayed’s Wild, and Anne Lamotts work..

so that is the goal I’m working toward now

Thank You for letting me share,

Sandra Harrison Kay, literary & mixed media artist


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