Thursday, January 26, 2017

what could be next... a handwritten letter on stationery?! wonders (me!) sandra, tvgp

don't you know, my almost 51 year old self just smiles with happiness and curiosity to see the 20-somethings enjoying polaroid cameras..

really?!    -here you have in the palm of your young, strong, beautiful hands, cell phones which can take extremely high quality photographs  -instantly!-    

that you can zoom in on with the tip of your finger, share in the blink-edited-out of a no-more-red-eyes..

and you just bought a polaroid camera?   where not only is the quality low-grade, but

what suprises me,   (me!), most of all, is the fact, that once you click the button..

  -you have to   ~wait.

your generation has virtually no training in this area..   microwaves; on-demand tv; speed dial; electronic door openers; instant this and write-now that..     research that used to take months/days..  

takes hours/seconds with internet access.

so,  -to witness you self-imposing some patience exercises.    -and self-imposing exposure to -process

I am very impressed!   and fascinated.     and "thank you!" Daniel here for letting me take a picture with your polaroid, because

aren't they just pure fun!   opening, pushing the botton (not flat glass); having the photo slide out..
the magnificent sound effects of everything..    and then the patience and suspense involved in waiting..  wondering...

with anticipation and uncertainty..   for the results!

many spiritual virtues are put to the test here..      and, what better way to initially gain and/or deepen your -appreciation- for the evolution of photography.


appreciation; can this be quantified?


anyway, this got me to thinkin'...

I wonder what you might self-impose next?  you young people who inherited an on-demand, instant everything world and culture..

  -maybe you will handwrite a letter to someone you love, on beautiful stationery, with a pencil or pen?  and put it in an envelope, and lick it sealed, and place a stamp..   and mail it...

and this too..   will require patience; effort; thought; creativity...   reliance on the united states postal service..      you will experience process..    and wait, wondering, did it arrive today?    and surprise and delight the recipient

who is so accustom to email or texts ...   /or bills..

and you will initially gain and/or this will deepen your  -appreciation-  for the evolution of person-to-person written communication; and perhaps even the evolution of language itself...   /inspire investigation into graphology...

but, in this patience-required exercise; you must hurry...    because I think stationery and ink and even artistic, beautiful stamps are on the endangered species list...

graphology .. just needs a vocabulary update: type~ology.  -because even with digital fonts making uniform the shape, size, of letters of the alphabet..    doesn't everyone still have a unique way of employing the fonts; selecting them.. arranging them...

especially notable when provided a blank page and not forced inside a template.   -unique expression..  keeps finding a way


and speaking of evolution..   just saw hidden figures with a group of amazing women in their own-write last night at Livermore cinemas, where..

   please!  in electric recliners with popcorn and a beer...

and, its brilliant; this movie..   a story long over-due to be shared, and will no doubt inspire millions..

but, it struck me, what a great example it is, for what ive been preachin' &; teachin' for a while now:

my greatest concern:

technology out-evolving human-beings.    -and don't you see it so clearly in this movie!   a rocket ship...

and, simultaneously racism; sexism..

oh, isn't it fascinating how unevolved human-beings can contribute to something like

-the world wide web...      innovate some of the greatest communication tools in human history, but

cant communicate sometimes just among themselves.


we've got some catching up to do with the tools we create...

   /a.i. is coming to mind here..


In Gods ways are higher than our ways...     and thoughts higher than our thoughts..  

/and now, cant you see   -based on our pathetic human thoughts & such slow to evolve ways...  

cant you see it..

-in thank God for Jesus name,  name  amen!


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