Sunday, January 29, 2017

Secret Fairy Door Treasure Hunt in the Enchanted Alden Woods

now, I have to figure out a way to create a link which shares a slide show because I have like 40 pictures.. but for now:

and although it was my day off,  i drove to alden lane specifically to take some pictures.  it did help keep my spirits from sinking..     as the process of putting things in boxes is..

awful.    but i went and immersed myself in all these smiles..    and what an outstanding, off the treasure map charts! Sue Fordyce did at creating the map, the clues; 95% of the doors, the fairy garden making station..    and then,   -please!   is that not the most beautiful, radiant, perfect! alden lane fairy princess...!!

/that part was my idea...     and, oh! when i pulled in the parking lot, to hear a couple young girls shout with delight, "i see a fairy princess!!   mommy, mommy...  hurry!  daddy.. hurry up!"

the turn out was spectacular..   and the smiles and pictures say the rest...

"thank you!" to everyone who made this event possible!      In Jesus loves a treasure hunt's name, amen! 


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