Saturday, January 28, 2017

The New Yorker Caption Contest Winner (taryn!) -knows (me!) writeousmom

-so fun to come across during my unpacking/repacking..        /my 37th? move..      when the potential for depression is a little higher than other times,

-things like this turn out to be the pick-me-up-and-keep-me-goings:    -now prelude to this,


which should help you appreciate this...   because this picture is from when I was collaborating with artist, nancy eddinger, on comic strips for the arts & crafts industry:  Sandyland

and what you can see here, is Taryn, at a much younger age..   8? years old.   and she has  -on her own initiative,  taken the panels, and provided her unique comic spin

so, this past recent Christmas, her Grandpa Pez gifted her with a year subscription to The New Yorker Magazine,  -and since she can legally participate in the contest now, and has met the age requirement + only had time since then to further develop her craft..

I'm predicting a winner.

now,  -he also gifted (me!) a year subscription..

so:  I think there might be two...


I'm not sure when the first magazine will arrive in the mail?  but looking forward to it, and..

already need to provide a change of address.


In Jesus I cant thank my mom and Rick enough for taking me in's name...    amen!


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