Tuesday, September 27, 2022

NOW THAT'S A BOOK STORE! (bookshop santa cruz!) & (encore! amor towles!)

 still so many firsts in my mid 50's:   like, that was my very first time inside bookshop santa cruz.  5 stars!  michelin quality!   and then, fun to learn that not only do i share a birthday with the NFL Superbowl, but with this book store too

1966   -obviously a spectacular year.

skipping lots here i will catch up on later, but..     while in capitola; 

   -look at this

sharing and pointing to a page inside amor towles the lincoln highway.   finally!  punctuation has evolved!    -has this been going on for a while now?  -and i am just now noticing?

   -well, whenever it started  I LOVE IT!   it reads so clean.   gone with those unnecessary "    " all over the page, and those equally unnecessary,  she said/he saids with..  a quizzical look, or with a sarcastic tone..

basic writing lesson from forever ago:   show; don't tell.          utterly refreshing!    /had to learn more.


how do you pronounce amor towles name anyway?      google for an interview to hear someone else pronounce it..

very helpful!    thank you seth, 


and now,   -i would never proactively email an author to point out a typo, or an error of any kind within a story really, 

it is ONLY because in the interview with seth, amor INVITES his readers to provide such feedback, and then mentioned that some of the feedback is applied after the hardcover..   and is reflected in the soft cover additions.

and it is ONLY because, i had just..       i had very recently read, and then re-read these couple pages inside the lincoln highway..   like,   -something is not working here; am i reading this wrong?

and so i went back to figure out if during the radio commercial scenes, the boys had switched from listening to commercials on the radio, to discussing commercials they had  -seen- on tv..

three times it took me..   read.. no go back...     re-read...   

and,  well, it is my opinion that   

it's in his use of the word   -appeared-               and then i read back a little further... 3 sons arrive for supper   (audio only.. are they saying, 3 sons each arrive with guests.. ? )  i tried to hear what the audio commercial would sound like..

do you sometimes spend too much time on a small thing that doesn't matter at all in the bigger picture?

obviously you are not alone.   -appeared lined up on the counter ?   in wooly's imagination?

but i caught myself spending too much time.  i mean, i was even like,  "oh! i know what happened.. when amor did the Chef Boy-Ar-Dee research he rewatched the actual tv commercial, and wrote without translating it back into audio/radio only.   of course!


and then i'd convince myself the problem is with my reading of it, and not the writing of it...

   -then, or..      this is the last time i'm going to try and figure this out   -it doesnt matter


a part of me even wanted to go research the radio commercial.    


the better part of me, just kept on reading..     and reading...   and reading...   and smiling, and wondering..   and enjoying the craft, the characters, the settings, the cadence, the unfolding, the masterful way amor towles organizes and edits



was sharing with a neighbor friend about purchasing this book.  we have both already read and were both thoroughly knocked out by a gentleman in moscow

-i'm afraid of being disappointed   -that's why i havent read it

i'm sure a million great authors are familiar with that philosophy from their audience.   a million great musicians..   a million great actors..     a million greats in general

following up on a huge success, will everyone just be let down?


 -NO-   you will not be let down,  -so pick this book up.

that's my book review of the lincoln highway by amor towles

save only this:  several friends, all who have read and loved a gentleman in moscow:

-is it even better?

-NO-   it is equal to!


Sandra,   can you give us some ideas of what we can get you for Christmas?


i'd sure love to add Rules of Civility; Gentleman in Moscow; The Lincoln Highway to my personally inscribed book collection! 

IF i read his website correctly, it is in Rules of Civility, (which i have not yet read) that this evolved, very clean, new punctuation style first appears.   As in,  Amor Towles is the actual originator of it; first to publish in this evolved format

of course i want that in my library!   -awesome!

Dear Sexy Santa Husband...


God loves a good book,   yes & amen. 

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Beautiful Grandma Harrison -2009, archives re-post by (me!) ~topps


from the archives:     -and i really do enjoy re-reading my own memories   -this post is packed; it shares my dream of one day becoming a famous writer, shares how i think about money and returns on investment; it shares my grandma harrison's wisdom; it shares the importance of music..   how to survive lean/tough times..  and more.  and not in that order: 

plus   -fun to learn about myself   -never saw myself living in San Jose; ever.  And i treasure my time; raising my children in Pleasanton  -but have zero desire to return.    and!  my writing/art studio here!  Studio 213   -it is far superior to the one from 2009...    i crazy love my life here with robert   -and have re-created what made that neighborhood so awesome   -friends, and first name or nick name basis with some of the most awesome neighbors anyone could ever ask for!   Blessed, blessed, and blessed to be a blessing.     Look what God can do:  

Thursday, January 01, 2009

BRAIN SPILL by/for me! sandra, tvgp

i thought the order in which i would miss things would look like this: computer, music, tv. but in fact, it was like this: music, computer, tv.

God, did i miss music! so when my alarm went off in the morning, instead of popping up and shutting it off write away, i'd let a couple songs play..

and now i have a deeper appreciation and understanding of that saying, "it was music to my ears"

and my children (thanks john) suprised me with an ipod for christmas and i think this is the greatest, most wonderful-est technology of all time, after the internet and comcast dvr.

first thing this morning: a dance around the house to family affair by the one and only - mary j blige. i always called it "the percolator" song..

but it is so -mandatory dance- it should be prescribed listening for physical therapy patients and could knock a good two weeks off scheduled sessions

and before it slips.. and because it clogs, let me here release a few holiday memories from 2008:

the nutcracker at the bankhead theatre in livermore/awesome/wonderful: tickets thank you to tri valley haven; a christmas carol at the pleasanton playhouse/fantastic/enchanting: tickets thank you to kathy cordova; the most delicious chocoloate chip cookies in the universe, plus sensational peanut brittle & cranberry bread: thank you to (ooga booga friends) virginia and katie; the parade down main street; wintery delicious fun "build-your-own sunday"-sunday thank you to the teeters; grandpa pez as santa at macy's; shopping/dining/visiting/great times thank you to sister & mom; superfranks fun thank you to carla & dominic; wonderful christmas eve/day & huge christmas feast thank you to john & family; every christmas card, picture and letter (i keep them ALL -have for many years.. amazing watching the children grow) thank you to friends old and new; and


hoover, wind tunnel, self-propelled vacuum
inscribed brick at the firehouse art center (scheduled to open 2010) -and where my plays will be performed..
membership with the pleasanton art group
writeousmom.com on truck window
breathing room for christmas shopping in general & two bills paid all THANK YOU TO MY GRANDMA HARRISON ~ we miss and love you! ~

different & missing: our first year not hosting the good neighbor's holiday boutique -but putting an album together of the 8 years we enjoyed this event

and while my mom did host thanksgiving, and have her 25th (?) annual cookie exchange party - i do not attend having learned what a toll it takes on my spirit to be in san leandro. -difficult, and yet, the days pass quickly and i know i am much happier/stronger for making this decision
-and better still, and most importantly.. my mom loves me and understands

and speaking of happier/stronger: i've spent the past couple days prettying this place up and taking LOTS of pictures

confirmed rumor has it, the owner might sell which =

i might have to move. on short notice.

"are you going to cry mommy?" my kids asked me.

"not at all," i said. "i'll be wherever God wants me -but i've never been happier in my life than living here.. "

and then i take more pictures because

"because... you know... when i become famous, they'll want to re-create the living environment where i did my best writing..

where i posted over 600 blogs.. where i woke every morning to read and respond to squidmann.."

and i do have many beautiful fantasies of people -tourists- fellow writers mostly, coming to see what my writing studio looks like..

and they LOVE it..

and a laptop sits open, write here.. write where it is write now.. where i write every morning, and a guest book spot is open on my website and everyone who visits leaves a little note, poem or story.. a few words in the guest book; whatever feels write at the time

and they look real close at my collage(s) of inscribed books.. and my library.. and my ultra cool tao book shelf, my library, my word wall (and of course there is a list of all the different words that have been rotated/featured on my word wall)

my mag time frames hanging here and there -all the family/friend pictures all around

my giraffe collection, my picture of Maya Angelou.. my aunt & uncle's gorgeous pottery.. the handmade blankets i snuggle with..

and it is always kept with fresh flowers and candles -fresh flowers from the farmer's market -held year round only two blocks away- which "she spent $9 every saturday for 3 bouquets she spread throughout the house.. on the tables and in the bathroom"

and the mirrors.. on the closets and in the bathrooms will be decorated and marked up with my kids art work, homework and spontaneous, creative designs.. because "she loved that so much.. "

and they'll have to talk LONG about my neighbor's.. how the reason i was so happy here was because i felt loved and safe.. because moe and his family lived across the street and moe knew everything and everyone.. kept an eye out for us, and plus held the most awesome block parties.. and everyone felt like a friend and was on a first and/or nick name basis: mike on the bike... abe.. dave... olga.. jimmy... dave... lacey.. shelley.. bob... joan.. jody.. karen and more..

and the neighborhood mascots: sadie and jose

and show how we could sit on the curb and feel like we had vip seats for all the parades because they turn from main street on to w. angela and pass write in front of us

and how we could walk -and never worry about parking- for the alameda county fair. and we could ride all the rides, and come back here for lunch.. and walk back and see the concerts..

and how the canada geese flew directly overhead.. and the healing power of the trees

i've always dreamed..

i've dreamed of some magical/miracle happening which allows me to own this place, keep it as a writing, arts/crafts studio and live in a larger place on 2nd street with more room/space for my kids and their friends -but still within walking distance of downtown

the meadowlark dairy, cold stone, amelia's, the farmer's market, concerts in the park, the library, the firehouse art center, towne center books, the restaurants

i do believe in magic and miracles.

but i also believe in pictures and memories.. so i'm taking lots and making many.

2009 arrives with more uncertainty than i've ever experienced at one time: livlihood -no idea. means for income after spousal supports ends - no idea. where we'll live next if we have to move -no idea.

but i'm certainly not alone..

everything and everyone seems to be somewhere within the process of creative destruction

the economy has taken a major hit: people are losing their jobs, leaving their homes.. businesses/restaurants are closing up and down main street

and i don't mean to be an alarmist.. but there's no ignoring these red flags and no painting them a different color

lean times ahead.

lean times ahead but not forever... and that's how i'll close this brain spill

with a spiritual conversation i had with my grandma. "grandma," i ask,

"what would you say.. what would you do if you were here write now?"

and she said (or i projected) "when times improved.. and they did improve..

i would have got my nails painted. red."

because you see my grandma lived through very tough financial times..

very tough.

and she learned how to save, save, save. conserve, conserve, conserve. stretch every dollar. recycle. reuse. and re-purpose everything before the term re-purpose was invented

but when financial times improved -and they did improve-

she never altered her ultra-conservative ways. -and it absolutely shocked her to no end when my sister and i were visiting her in san diego and we each spent $10 on a manicure

she could not imagine a greater waste of money

but we could not imagine anything better you could get for only $10

because a manicure not only made your hands look really beautiful because of the pretty, shiny color on your nails, but the manicures also included a MASSAGE

a long, wonderful, hand and forearm massage, PLUS moisturizers on your skin, PLUS three layers of polish: base coat, pretty color of your choice, and top coat

and it could last for like, up to, 5 or 6 days

so if you take 10 fingers, times 5 or 6 days, and divide that by $10


but my grandma.. even when it was well within her budget to do so, never treated herself to a manicure or pedicure

and what she'd like to share with all of us, is this:

lean times are ahead.

but they won't last forever.

and when times improve.

and they WILL improve.

-go get your nails painted; red.

Thursday, September 22, 2022

MAVERICK; VOICE; WINGS by (me!) ~topps

LOVED THE MOVIE:  Top Gun: Maverick and, 
"i spied my lucky #!"

LOVE The Voice!  Excited for this new season..
and i would have turned my chair for every contestant
but..   favorite performance of the night:  Emma Brook

 CH!   and i have it printed out and in my archives somewhere.  gonna re-write here from memory for the pure exercise of it.    will later match it up with original and see the difference 15 or so years can make:

pretty sure about this:  i was living on augustine in pleasanton; woulda been between 2006 & 2009:

sat looking out my front window, and watched this black bird.. crow perhaps..  struggling to pick up a walnut from the street near the curb.

several times in a row it came close!  so close.. but the walnut would fall out of its beak and back on the street; and the bird would try again..  

not sure if i just thought it, or whispered it out loud, but at some point, i thought or said

  -bet you wish you had hands-

write about that same moment the bird succeeded in getting the walnut securely in its beak

and the bird looked write at me before it took off in flight

   -bet you wish you had wings. - 


and that experience is locked in my memory and i sometimes revisit it when i see a black bird struggle to get an object in its beak..  and sometimes i dont..  i let it pass.     -so, remind here, why i call cerebral hyperlinks; ~cerebral hyperlinks.   you don't always click it open; you choose whether or not to open and revisit that memory. 

choice.  -beautiful thing.    Praise God!   hallelujah & amen. 

Sunday, September 18, 2022

ALL GUESSES w/out a roundtable with the San Jose City Council Members by (me!) ~topps

even getting to speak 1 minute at an open forum is questionable..   and, you speak for 60 seconds, they listen; next person..   the city council members do not respond to anyone, they do not answer any questions, they do not ask any questions, they provide zero response.

but, you might hear them say..  "no clapping or you'll be removed from the chambers"   

my recent experiences at open forum are my first experiences with open forum; and i am  -fascinated!

i've already written about how i believe open forums should have a set, predictable, reliable time frame for the public to count on.  -the guessing game portion..   what working parents have to go through to show up at all..   and then maybe they can have 60 seconds, maybe not..  and as to when you might get to speak..     at 6:30?  7?   7:30?   8?   8:30?   9?   it is entirely dictated by the council members

we all know this is wrong.   

but, that's not my main point today.   my main point today is that without an actual roundtable, in person, conversation with questions and answers

all of us are left to guess..  to project...  to interpret  to imagine..  to try and figure out on our own, based on our own life experiences, biases, education, etc.

we are left to figure out on our own:  HOW ON EARTH NOBLE AVE got put BACK! on the table for consideration as a site for 100 bed tiny home homeless cages.  It was found not viable in 2017.

like, everyone!  i do mean everyone, except the 8 council members who voted behind the communities back, knows it is a dangerous, negligent, awful idea.  the land sits on a treasured neighborhood park, which also serves as a water supply facility; and directly across from an elementary school, library, daycare..   [all of this has already been written about, so let me fast forward]

i have emailed with questions many times to all city council members   -and there are a couple occasions i will receive a generic receipt that lets me know my email was received; but i have not received any responses to any questions; no answers, that's for sure. 

so, we are all just guessing how it happened.  i want to share here some of the guesses from different people

ONE GUESS IS:  the city council members are each under a great deal of pressure to fast track and solve for the homeless crisis..   they bought into the propaganda about tiny homes..  were sold on one of the 'mascot' success stories..   hook, line, sinker, and ..    now you have to find land -quick!   land owned by the city of san jose  (vs. county, vs. private or corporate owned) provides the path of least resistance, and so, without actually visiting the perc ponds on noble in person.  without realizing the land was a treasured neighborhood park across from an elementary, library, daycare..

   -using only a paper or online map, they said, "here!"  some flat land owned by the city of san jose.  we'll make sure you can build here

that is one guess.  -how it happened..

and as to why their vote was behind the communities back, with zero outreach to the families and individuals and teachers that would be directly impacted..

well, they just didn't want to deal with any resistance.  

  -it is said, by council member cohen,  /and it was documented in a san jose spotlight article, that cohen warned his fellow council members..    there would be resistance, based on what happened in 2017..

why cohen himself did not provide his community with a headsup on the direction the other members were headed...      also, we'd only be guessing.   nothing in his newsletters; no visits to BCAC..  nothing mentioned until after the underhanded vote.  -notably/gratefully: regarding the 8-2 vote; cohen and mahan were the 2 opposed to building on NOBLE.

maybe everything was about getting it done; getting it done quickly; avoiding any resistance.


ANOTHER GUESS..    they did know!  they did know, based on 2017 fight back that this would draw a lot of attention, and strategized accordingly.   political saints and sinners game of sorts..  some coming out as heroes and accumulating votes; some portrayed as villians..


PEOPLE ALSO GUESS..    a lot of guesses based on who stands to gain financially..   developers pushing; influencing..   homeless advocates & ambassadors benefiting from...     some behind the seens (seens, intentional) commissions people might be receiving attached to the finding of locations; building of tiny home sites..     i mean, we are all like,  -really?  15 million to build 100 bed tiny home site   -15 million!?!   and 3 million to maintain annually!?!


anyway, i'm going to close with MY GUESS..   and my guess is more like,  -born in part from my Christian walk; my own opinion/interpretation/guess, fused with biblical, spiritual, knowledge

so i will call it an interpretation vs. a guess:

we do have a homelessness crisis  -this is evident every time my husband and i run an errand in any direction in San Jose/Milpitas and beyond.   My first inclination is to look at and learn what is going on with all the current services provided

next..  in regard to tiny home sites..  i think there was some genuine belief that they might be helpful.. get people off the streets, into a fenced (i always say caged) area; with some safety precautions; some outreach.. and the tiny homes will only be a bridge..  temporary..   a few months and then transitioned into subsidized housing..   i believe that some people believed tiny homes would really help

an experiment   -an experiment where they seem to build the sites, spending outrageous, unjustifiable amounts of money,  - cut the ribbon, take some pix; pat themselves on the back, and never look back to see how things were going   -on to taking up more land, and spending more money, destroying more neighborhoods, and placing super dense populations of people down on their luck, into  -whatever you want to call it:  fenced/secure?  caged?  tiny home sites. 

but as the negative/failing results poured in..      they already had a certain momentum; they already had promised builders.. already signed contracts, made promises..   they had already committed to getting 1000 people off the streets..   they already explained, how building low income/affordable apartments would take  way too long and we need something NOW!

and quietly, stealth like..   they succeeded in finding locations for and building 5 different tiny home sites.    this became very empowering..

so empowering, that,  (my interpretation only; not facts.. )   -so empowering that they believed they could just keep steamrolling their tiny home agenda without checking results; and bypass the legal requirements for community input; bypass, ignore, legal requirements for environmental reports; skip research..   avoid resistance by not mentioning, only whispering..    i believe they got lazy, or were in such a hurry, that they didn't go "see" Noble Ave, the library, the perc ponds, the water facility, the wildlife; indigenous and migratory, the daycare, the proximity to another middle school, a daycare, another elementary, a residential neighborhood  -they didn't "see" for themselves the distance from services, transportation, on and on, etc.   they did not see a park area, which is DEFINITELY not suited for such a dense population! no regard for zoning ordinances or why they exist    -i believe they just looked at a map, on paper, online,  -saw, owned by city of san jose, and then underhandly voted.. maybe there was some power/dictator empowerment that caused a lapse of democratic judgement.  -don't know..     as to financial gains, or gains of position or power, that may also motivate their decision..    i don't pretend to know and won't guess

my biblical, spiritual interpretation is this:  God wanted this revealed.  Ephesians 5:11   -have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. 

they were steamrolling their agenda..   and had they kept placing tiny home sites in more industrial areas,  -they would still be building them; quietly, slowly..  encroaching.. 

empowered by the building of the first few sites  -they felt empowered to put them anywhere they wanted; when they wanted; at any cost and against many laws. 

by voting underhandly to place them on Noble, even though the site was found not viable in 2017..



the public can better see now..   what is happening in district 4 is relevant to everyone who calls San Jose home.   Without our protest,  their destructive momentum would continue

If they succeeded on Noble, it would set precedent; and any and every school and park becomes a potential caged site for a very dense population of homeless.

With this in the public light..   now the public can know, the tiny home sites, do nothing to address the homeless encampments;  the public can research and learn the cost and the RESULTS of the experiment which is failing in many different cities and states

The public can see how important it is to get back to the drawing board, with a larger problem solving panel, with more voices in more disciplines..

the public can see tiny homes create more problem than they solve, and we can't let city council fast track us into a worse mess than we currently have; and which would end up ten times harder to correct 

my other biblical/spiritual interpretations:  GOD can use all things for good.   We have met many more neighbors and made new friends as a result of the NOTonNOBLE protest..

when we were deceived into believing there would not be seats for us in the chambers;  -as a result, i learned about and fell in love with the sonic runway..

as we've been censored, discouraged and faced obstacles in the protest,  -we've gathered more concerned citizens into the protest; we've continued to make incremental progress..

city council censors..    the media shares..   the protest grows

and i'll close with the reminder..    unless city council members share their individual truth with their public

we all just guess, wonder, scratch our heads, exchange our ideas/interpretations, use our imaginations

my prayer, is that this topic stays in the light for more people to see, research

so more people can help STOP THE FAILING TINY HOME TREND and contribute toward a more comprehensive and long term solution. 

In Jesus name,   amen & amen. 


LEADERSHIP CRISIS    -mentioning here the numerous times we have been warned not to agitate, irritate city council members because they will retaliate by building on Noble 

my response is always the same:  if we have city council members who make decisions based on spite, then they are not qualified to lead anyone anywhere.   they should be immediately removed from office.


FAIRGROUNDS is the best EIH site in my opinion.   Emphasis on INTERIM..     while a larger panel problem solves in a more comprehensive way.   Rather than remaining on the costly, dangerous tiny home path

a temporary shelter on the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds   -150 acres? to work with...

and there is the "can't put them all in one place" mentality, but i really want to know  -why not?

it's all temporary; -write.   no reason the 'safe' unhoused can't transition in 2 to 6 months from the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds,  -write.   And this spares the unnecessary building/encroachment into neighborhoods, on parks, near schools, libraries, etc.    -all in one place for 'safe' unhoused, prevents districts from being pitted against district; neighbor being pitted against neighbor; san jose citizens being pitted against city council members;  all in one place on the fairgrounds prevents parents from having to worry about their children on school campuses while they are at work..

because, also, what sounds, initially so -fair-     equal distribution of tiny home sites; one in each district.

that's utterly unfair.   it would only be genuinely fair if each district started out equal:  each with the same amount of schools, parks, open land...     -the fact is no one wants these densely populated tiny home sites in their district or neighborhood

what are the reasons we cannot place EIH  -temporary shelters at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds?

    -certainly there is a lot more open land to work with.. (150 acres?)

do those reasons outweigh the reasons we should not place $15 million dollar dense populations of caged tiny homes sites on parks, in neighborhoods, near schools, libraries, nature reserves? 

     let me email that question to the city council members... santa clara county officials...  email into the digital abyss

anyone there?   ....    can you please answer.... 



Saturday, September 17, 2022

incentive, disincentive... ponders (me!) ~topps

 in 2014 a law was enacted that made stealing anything under $950 value a misdemeanor instead of a felony.   -formerly it was $400.     

i have to...   like, who?...    why on earth?...     are we incentivizing stealing?    and to absolutely no ones surprise..  stealing increased.   -is still increasing...   -lower the consequence; increase the crime. 




and i think often..  of how many hoops, cost, forms, applications

just for a few artists..   tax-paying, law-abiding, creative and productive citizens looking to sell some of the hand crafted items they worked to create..

how difficult and costly just to get a booth somewhere..   


and i juxtapose those often..     the way our current laws, policies/procedures create incentives for criminals to steal and disincentives for artists to create, and earn income from their work.


i'm going to have to come up with a proposition    proposition 213!    that provides incentives for artists...   and greater consequences for thieves.

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Kevin Jensen for Sheriff of Santa Clara County votes yes (robert! & sandra!)

 I have had 5+ years exposure now to retired and currently working Santa Clara County Deputies..   and within that time frame, I have heard nothing but favorable comments regarding the character, integrity and reliability of Kevin Jensen.    My husband Robert, a retired deputy, knows Kevin personally.. has golfed and socialized with..  and has worked under his leadership..   

I have only briefly met Kevin..   shook hands with..    and so initially my vote for Kevin, would result from my utter trust and respect for my husband's experience and opinions; and the accumulation of compliments I've heard when Kevin's name is mentioned in circles where he is not present. 

Today i read more about him on the door hanging brochure...

so it is today, that I am learning that Kevin Jensen is a CB.

I cannot tell you how many I have met along my life journey..   but if you want someone you can count on and trust..

find a person who made a conscious decision to break generational dysfunctional patterns within their family; neighborhood; culture

in these people you will see long track records of hope, faith, love; - incremental progress... always toward health, excellent work ethics, respect for others, leadership qualities and practices, stability, steadfastness, determination to make themselves and the world a better place.   In many respects, Kevin has already won... 

hallelujah & amen! 

Saturday, September 10, 2022

CH! CH! CH! The scream dream and its crazy beautiful sequel experienced by (me!) ~topps

just yesterday, and it happened like this:

as my sexy and i were walking from the parking lot into the grocery store,  ahead of us, in the distance, walking into the store was the man you see here in the picture.

write away, i was like, "give me your phone sexy, i need to take that man's picture..  THAT'S WHAT THE PEOPLE IN MY DREAM WERE WEARING!"

and, as we walked into the store, i hoped i could get close enough to take his picture; which i did..   

and then put the phone/camera away; gave it back to sexy.  i knew i would link the story and the photo here on my blog.   but, what happened next..

i went to grab this over here, while my husband went to grab something else over there.

as a result i ended up crossing direct paths with this man i had privately taken a picture of.

and so, i approached and with a smile, i said, "do you mind if i ask you a question?"

  -favorable response

"what you are wearing here..   is it reflective of a certain religion or faith system?"

and he replied that he was buddhist.

i smiled some more..   "yes.. buddhist..  thank you!   love and peace, yes?  love and peace.."

and he smiled in agreement, and we went our separate ways.

but don't you know i have practically ached ever since to get to my blog and share...

to date  -it is the wildest dream; and sequel i've ever experienced.


and, i'll be looking up distinction between monk and buddhist..

and, i know personally, and have met across the years,  -how many buddhists?   but in everyday life, these buddhist are dressed in everyday wear..

this is the exception for sure, to see, the wardrobe;   and, i guess the same can be said about Christians..   how many you know; you meet..   and they are dressed in everyday clothes, 

but a %,  -of greater dedication/education/position, usually on premises..    they wear the matching uniforms/wardrobes   -religious attire.

this also CH's to a post i wrote: about never meeting a     -and that remained true for i don't know how many years; decades..   until a conversation with someone from vietnam, who shared that a large population, in her experience, and including herself, had converted from buddhism to Christianity

and that CH's to my personal understanding/writings about    -which apply to all of humanity; any faith system, ethnicity, education, gender, political affiliation, etc.

and that CH's to..    how easy it is to get overwhelmed and lost in CH's..  so you have to be able to turn it off and on, or..   you'll miss out on life itself.


in Jesus all knowing, all loving, all understanding name, amen.