Tuesday, September 19, 2023

#vellumdays cont. return to the scene of great times! cont.. Praise God & Thank YOU!


my heart is all a-flutter anytime i have a mother/daughter day on the calendar to look forward to..
here, you can see why..   

and especially enjoyed visiting barnes & noble, which  -of course-  CH's to:  a creative non-fiction book i started when she was just 8 years old..      LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

writing wise; i captured a great more detail when time/energy allowed; when i was inspired to do so
and, most grateful now, in 2023, to have these details!

simultaneously, but independently/separately  -both,  my best mom ever, and my best dad ever
required surgeries.   both recovering; both getting stronger..  both receiving much love, support from healthcare providers, spouses, sister, family, friends..    many answered prayers along the healing path
Thank You Jesus!  Amen

return to the scene of great times!  koa petaluma 5 star camping experience again!
helps to have awesome friends, cutest dogs, amazing bbq, perfect climate, redwood trees..
a pool, hot tub, tv for the football games,  -and new, clean, spacious bathroom/showers just across from your campsite   -plus a general store...     'glamping' i believe some people call it   
glamourous + camping     -but we have sebastian & valerie to thank for these great memories
love you! 

Q:  are we italian?   -nope     -have we ever been to italy?  -nope

can either of us speak italian?   -nope

but none of that stops us from hosting an italian dinner party
and thank here our in-the-spirit friends for their fresh & delicious italian dinner contributions:

richard/fresh homemade baked bread; valerie/fresh & fabulous italian salad; elva/delious italian dessert.
all paired perfectly with roberts amazing spaghetti & meatballs, and all that paired well with the variety of italian wines & spirits everyone brought;   and all that paired extremely well with awesome friends and fun conversations..

* fun to learn, with oppenheimer movie currently out, that valeries father, a scientist/author crossed paths with oppenheimer, and a friend of karl's tutored his children..

direct connections 

and, write after celebrating all things italian, we celebrated all things chinese!   Public "Thank You!" here to kansen & daisy chu for the invitation; to the george's for driving; to beautiful, fancy nancy for lending me a dress for the special occasion  [did i write about her lending me green boots for st patricks party?!?  -winner! for most spectacular wardrobe and fashions ever!  (also, worth noting:  former model..  deserves her own fashion magazine...)   -anyway, 

i am enormously grateful i got to be in the audience for this show! 3 hours of back to back mesmerizing performances.  just glorious!  -and didn't understand the language when a host or hostess would introduce an upcoming number, but didn't need to either...   live music, dance, costumes, choreography, cinematography; all universal languages  ENCORE! 

and will close with a picture i took of robert and i,   -just because.    
i had glanced at our reflection on the sideview mirror of our truck as we returned to get in, and something about the number of, and framing of the palm trees; couldn't resist

sent it to my children..   like, doesnt it look like we are on a tropical vacation? or at venice beach..
   -we are in the parking lot of kohls at the great mall in milpitas.    LOVE taking pictures...  that's forever, i'm pretty sure..

 it's all Praise God, Thank You Jesus, Hallelujah & Amen!   xoxo 

Friday, September 08, 2023

#vellumdays -return to the scene of great times!

 return to the scene of hot date!


dear BCAC,  loved the 50th anniversary celebration!

 and, for the record, we do not let gift cards go to waste!  no sooner did we win raffles,   -than we were cashing in on the winnings.   smile and  say "cheesecake factory!"

plus, a 94 degree day here in san jose, was the perfect day to cash in our fandango gift cards.  double feature  [havent done that in a hundred years..]  air conditioning, electric recliners, buttery popcorn and two great movies too..    educational/entertaining..  cinemark century at the great mall in milpitas,   with olive garden lunch in between...

oppenheimer brought a memory for me..

and validated one..

when i was elementary school age, when anyone used the word 'communist',  i knew that meant something very bad; awful...     

but without any idea of what it really meant.

in this movie..   it presumes there is already a clear understanding of what communism is/means

   -the word gets dropped, like a bomb itself

i think if you do not already understand,  -this same thing happens:  you know it's evil, by the way, the tone, the context it is used; but without knowing what it actually is..  and WHY it should be stopped at all cost

a movie called, first they killed my father, served for me, as communism explained   -at least i felt i gained a better understanding..

CH thoughts/memories/addendums:  

not that i speak the names often, but over the years,  -how often i gave credit, just in my mind, and/or out loud in conversation; gave credit to oppenheimer for the uncertainty principle -when it's heisenberg.  and i couldn't figure out why, because their names don't even sound alike..  ah!  but it is theoretical physics they have in common..      in any case, without revisiting the scientific meaning behind uncertainty principle, i'll share here the spiritual one:  every human being, being mortal, will die a physical death.  no human being KNOWS when..     -some human beings will live long lives, despite a great deal of self-inflicted life threatening habits   -some will die young, despite taking every conceivable step toward longevity   -and vice versa, with a plethora of variables between..

some may be given 3 months to live, and live 3 decades more..;   some may be on track to live 3 decades easy, but -killed just crossing the street; out of nowhere...

this truth about 'the human condition' is not accidental, circumstantial, or random

this 'uncertainty' is purposeful, meaningful, spiritual.       it is what comes to my heart and mind when i hear those words together:  the uncertainty principle.   this poem also comes to mind

and this post too

and speaking of theoretical physicists...

post to robbert dijkgraaf


physicist and the poet

also  -didn't catch it myself, but Robert pointed out for me, the Lawrence in Oppenheimer, is THE Lawrence of Lawrence Livermore Labs...


my freshman year of high school, and i can see his face in my imagination, but cant remember his name, but one of my teachers shared with the class

"we (the U.S., the world at large) already have the power to blow up our planet 3x over..."

and speaking on behalf of myself, and my generation in a generic way..    we live each day with the understanding this is true, but without any means for un-doing it.

and we live on...      we work on...   we carry on...   we keep going...

Christians (soldiers, each of us) fight the good fight of faith; walk on in love..    believing in eternal salvation.   Thank God, huh... 


more later..    



Thursday, September 07, 2023

HTLC Community. These are my people...

 i particularly like this HTLC Community because it is very inclusive!  You can be of any or no faith system, any political affiliation, a fan of any sport, any team..   You can be young, old, male, female; any ethnicity..   You can be an artist, a singer-song writer; blue-collar, white-collar..   you can be single, you can be married..   you can be a CEO, you can be a stay-at-home parent...

   -the HTLC Community... 

It has mostly to do with having (taking pride in; cultivating, recognizing, honoring) a strong work ethic, respecting law and order, and being a contributor (vs. a do-nothing-er, or taker)

and what inspired me to come up with this,  -very similar to when i was inspired to add 'tvgp' after my name on my business card from years ago....

hallelujah & amen. 

Friday, September 01, 2023

Exciting News! Kansen Chu is running for SJ City Council, District 4


Dear Awesome Neighbors,  Kansen Chu, one of our very own neighbors and fellow "NOTonNOBLE" warriors is running for city council; District 4OUR NEIGHBORHOOD!  Kansen fought along side us, appearing in person and speaking up at city council as a neighbor, and as a Board of Trustees Member of the Berryessa Union School District. Kansen and his lovely wife, Daisy, share our values, have become our friends and have our vote.

Blessings Everyone,   Robert & Sandra


Monday, August 28, 2023

Great Times in Gilroy! "Thank You!" (karl! & valerie!)

-loved, loved the theater itself, and the performance of pump boys and dinettes!  excellent cast..  just smiled and laughed and enjoyed every moment

and left that performance on fire to write one more play myself..  "before i leave this earth Jesus..  one more play..  light-hearted, playful, funny   -something that makes people smile and laugh like this one did"

the only play i have written is a bit on the heavy, serious side...  kissin' the chocolate blues   -  i'm pleased with it, for certain, and believe it contains a great deal of literary history/value, inspiration, etc. 

and it is my official thank you/love you card-on-stage to Dr Maya Angelou,   


well, karl shared that usually before any performance at the pintello comedy theater, they say something like, 

"life already has enough drama..  we only bring you comedy"   -and i agree.. so, "Thank You!" and i want to contribute in that way too..   for the same reasons.

years ago, i wrote/read in two different laugh out loud events..   and, yes..   it is its own beautiful reward to hear laughter specifically, not just applause.


and for introducing us to solis winery  -gorgeous! fantastic views, staff, musician and wine...

and the old city hall restaurant   -great food! service! cool vibe..  all seem to set the stage for our passionate conversations ranging from travels, to parenting, to art, to science, to politics and faith...  we cover a lot..

-for the invitation, for driving, for the good times trifecta in gilroy  -love and "thank you!"

hallelujah & amen

-jeep of faith day in monterey and prelude to concours d'elegance

-first time we took our jeep  (vs. suv w/bikes in the back) to monterey   -and  -as if our jeep was a concour d'elegance showpiece itself, we made sure to take its picture near the ocean..

from every angle   

like proud parents..   look at our baby

and!   -speaking of..

next year we will do on purpose, what this year we just happen to do, and that is:

monterey bike ride from el estero to pebble beach and back on the wednesday before concours d'elegance!

wow! to how much excitement and intrigue this added to an already amazing bike ride

at first we couldn't figure out..   why so many gorgeous cars?

and why so many paparazzi stationed along the ocean near the road...

and we eventually caught on; they were positioned to capture pictures (not of celebrities, although we were told celebrities were there), but rather, these paparazzi were after the cars! the concour d'elegance cars as they drove along the coast from pacific grove to pebble beach

and we saw filmmakers filming  -while simultaneously driving in front of the cars they were filming; hanging out driver side windows with very impressive cameras,  -and balance

and a sotheby's car auction at fisherman's wharf with countless stunning, amazing, gorgeous cars from a variety of eras

cars i know my son could name by make and model and maybe year, but i only marvel at in general

and then..

certain sections of open space from our previous bike rides suddenly held 

not pop up tents, but pop up buildings!  mercedes, rolls royce..  a bugatti stage write at the pebble beach information center where we have lunch!

and, way fun on the way back, bike riding 17 mile drive..  we could get glimpses -between slightly open gates with security guards, of concours d'elegance cars packed within the grounds of some of the famous 17 mile luxurious multi-millions of dollars homes

and we were told   "you should check out the salinas airport during concours..  see the private jets.."

and this particular kind person we spoke to could even name the private jets by make/model/year..

and with zero desire to own or drive any of the concours d'elegance showpieces, it is pure joy to just look upon them..   the magnificent designs, the elite paint and polish, the shapes/sizes, wheels/tires..  eras! to see the evolution..    to just know and see names, and be in the presence of luxury sports cars that are recognized among car enthusiasts as the best in the world    bugatti, ferrari, lamborghini

my few pictures of what we saw, on the wednesday before the big event..   could never do it justice.. but my son turned us on to a photographer that obviously has the gift:  instagram @tfjj,  car photographer out of london

it's all wow for us

and remains on our family bucket list   -concours d'elegance, pebble beach..   what year we go, unknown

but we have the conversation..   would you want to attend in a general admission, budgeted, least expensive ticket kind of way?  -just to get to go..     or...   save up and get the best seats/VIP experience?

and so, 

we are saving up.   stay at the lodge of course.. 

hallelujah & amen. 

Sunday, August 27, 2023

Praise God! for the path i'm on... (me!) ~topps

 it is when i look back at pictures..  make collages;  the accumulation of great experiences turned into great memories

we all interpret our lives, yes..

it is my interpretation that i am on the path! posted on my door    ... the sweetest comeback in the history of ever! 

sure feels like it..

the path of the righteous grows brighter and brighter..   from glory to glory..   the narrow path..


also feels like this very experience; the accumulation of great memories/experiences

proving my statement true:   when it comes to trauma  -you do not bury it; you do not engrave it

you dilute it.

-this works.   tried and true.

hallelujah & amen. 

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i waited patiently and expectantly for the Lord; and He inclined to me and heard my cry.  He drew me up out of a horrible pit [ a pit of tumult and of destruction ], out of the miry clay ( froth and slime ), and set my feet upon a rock, steading my steps and establishing my goings.  And He has put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God.  -Psalm 40:1-3

Best Night of the Year!

  many public "thank you's" and stories when time allows..




Nursery & Botanical Gardens Giize for (me!) ~topps

 i have very strong nursery, botanical garden, plants, flowers, trees giize

    -so a slice of heaven to visit griggs nursery in carmel valley

i do love to linger in a nursery, walk a botanical garden..  stop, stare, learn more..

i don't necessarily need to purchase; just enjoy..

but that said, i will be purchasing (God willing) select flowers, plants, etc. over the next 7 to 10 years..  with the goal of creating something so unique and attractive   -and pleasantly surprising to any passersby 

i have my own secret garden in my imagination..   inspired initially by the garden at jardines in san jusan bautista


looking for a new word too (like giize)  -one word, which describes when you enjoy the process of something vs. you don't enjoy the process, only the result..


looking for a new word, which captures the distinction between when you enjoy figuring something out and when you just find it annoying..

   -because, if you just isolate 'figuring it out'  it can come with multiple linked internal experiences..

i love to figure out a poem, for example..   puzzle poems, which for me are any poems that already have an established set meter/rhyme/line/word or syllable count

figuring out haikus,    -enjoy the process, enjoy 'figuring it out'   -working it through..  

and their are plenty of people who enjoy 'figuring out' math problems; figuring out the solution, working it through.. 

figuring out which is the side or top/bottom of a fitted sheet though... having, so many times over the years, guessed wrong the 1st time and having to start all over...   exclusively annoying; feels like an utter waste of time and energy for such a simple task..    hence my recent post re: this topic.   -and folding fitted sheets...  yuck. 


Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Supersoft & LABELED Sheets as appreciated by (me!) ~topps

i believe
if the manufacturers, packaging and salesforce understood the true value of these labels;
this packaging would not have the most valuable information in fine print 

this simply vera verawang packaging should look more like this:


100% supima cotton supersoft sheet set

blah, blah, blah..


now that we know these exist, we insist.
public "thank you!" to whoever started this time saving, frustration-free labeling on bed sheets

now i lay us down to sleep
on supersoft and labeled sheets


the heart seen.. couple recent treats! by (me!) ~topps #theheartseen

i spied this heart seen! in the distance at first..  and sometimes clouds move too fast, but in this case i did have enough time to grab my phone and click away...     -awesome!

this next heart seen! just the opposite..  not fleeting at all, it's still there write now if you'd like to take a picture too


fisherman's wharf near the bike racks at entrance, monterey, ca


and then,  not as fleeting as the clouds;
nor as fixed as the concrete

but still, a limited time window to capture the hearts seen in our ginkgo!

Summer N2 Fall 2023 yard art (sexy! & topps!) #bliss


+ driveway happy hour!    hallelujah & amen