Saturday, June 25, 2022

Writeous~Mamarazzi's Care Neuron Synapsed! (me! my husband! and countless others...)


worth mentioning:  i have lived in 30 different neighborhoods within the bay area..   nothing has been as beautiful and special, rare and wonderful as this perc pond area..  this nature..  the wild life! the trees, plants, flowers, turtles, ducks, variety of birds, frogs...   the number of families, children, teens, young adults who walk and treasure this trail..  the amount of neighbors who walk their dogs, meet, visit..    -currently it is safe, free, clean..        and the neighbors all contribute to keeping it that way..  in addition to valley water administrators/team,   -neighbors will pick up trash, cover up/remove graffiti..    

many, many neighbors who enjoy this area are deeply invested in, and directly contribute toward protecting it


and as for protecting a several mile radius around any/all elementary schools! middle schools! high schools!   -this should go without saying!   100 beds for homeless directly across the street from an elementary school is egregiously negligent 


 My initial reaction, when I heard about the battle a couple years ago:  HOW on God's good green earth could this idea even be put on the table for consideration?!?   It is such an obviously horrific idea     -and apparently the neighborhood citizens shot the idea down, correctly so, a few years back..   but city council members are forcing the neighbors, families, to put up the fight again!   -that itself rings utterly irresponsible.  No meant no, the first time, and for all time.

and i've written often about that mysterious 'care neuron'    -why each one of us cares about this, but not that;

and many issues of concern have/will come my way, but this issue!

this issue   -to why i care so much..   enough to take immediate and ongoing action..    why i care enough to sign petitions, write letters, gather with others to make darn sure this area remains protected

why i care so much..     why the mamabear in me feels so enormously protective of the children at Noble Elementary..  the children at the middle school just down the street;   so protective of the wild life/nature of the glorious penitencia perc ponds

why i will stop at nothing and give any/all energy i have to make certain that a tiny home/homeless site with 100 beds is not placed directly across the street from an elementary school, library, and on the property of the perc ponds, 

and my husband feels exactly as strongly as i do... stronger! he's lived here since 1993.   and, we had one of our driveway bbq hot dog/happy hours last night, and all neighbors present feel as strongly as we do too..

how was this even put on the table for consideration?   i'll say it again,  no meant no the first time, and for all time.  

so anyway..      they are exactly write,  expect a backlash..     a very large, a very loud, a very energized and very determined backlash


open letter (emailed) to the mayor of san jose, 

Responding to the Mercury News article regarding tiny homes planned for Noble neighborhood.

As the article predicted, we are in fact, 'vehemently opposed' and will employ every effort to prevent tiny homes/homeless from being built directly across the street from an elementary school, library and sacred penitencia percolation ponds.

I have already researched three pages worth of 'services/organizations' that currently exist to help our homeless [drug addicted, mentally ill, released inmate] populations and can't quite figure out, with all those services and professionals available, why we still have an 11% increase.

San Jose is over 180 square miles, my husband and I are retired and happy to help you find more suitable locations.

We believe in compassionate relocation from our local businesses,  schools, residential neighborhoods

We understand basic human needs and dignities, and believe funds are better spent where infrastructure for portable toilets, garbage pick up, shelter, food can be efficiently provided.

We still see plenty of land available near Coleman and Hedding, which makes more sense financially, and is better suited for this temporary crisis.

Quite disturbed to read in the article about 'cautioning against giving neighbors [who, by the way, are directly impacted] the opportunity to veto.

We will adamantly veto Noble street for tiny houses, but again, willing to help find more suitable locations.

Sandra Harrison Kay, literary & mixed media artist
Robert Mickanen, retired deputy Santa Clara County, 27+ years of noble service.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

in under 500 words by (me!) ~topps

there has been much written about human mate selection; so often, in several to many books i've read, they suggest it has to do with 'reproduction'   -optimal chances for healthiest offspring

in my most recent read, the author suggested humans were attracted to the most 'disease resistant' mate, and that this has been taking place for all of human history

/oh no! how many words did i use so far..

anyway,  -domestic violence/shelter populations; humans who choose not have children but fall in love; homosexuals who adopt; widows who marry later in life, and have already had/raised children; lonely, low self esteem beings who lack selection criteria..   arranged marriages; green card; status..  pregnancy inspired..  co-dependents..  social pressures..    there is a much longer list.   

all of my life experiences, observations, research leads me to believe that 

well, wouldn't it be a better world all together if we 'naturally' selected optimal mates, whether or not we planned to have children.

and should i mention the loving parents who adopt children, or give birth to children they know in advance have health challenges.  the people who fall in love and mate with someone they know has health challenges.

i'll be working on an elegant phrase that captures the complexities of human mating

sometimes 'catchy/easy/quotable' wins over truth/facts in the cultural landscape at large.



Monday, June 20, 2022

#allcrosseslitatnight vision by (me!) ~topps

 -same as regarding butte..   i do not have the means, the resources, the power, the influence

but none of that prevents my imagination from seeing what it could look like..  it is so outrageously beautiful in my imagination

   -every single church, with a cross, in the entire city of san jose,   -and why not milpitas..   /why not the whole world..?

every church that has a cross(es) outdoors is/are lit at night.  every single one!    imagine how beautiful..

and i do not know the cost?  but even if you just decorated your cross with led Christmas lights, so that it was lit every night...   vs. the internal glow i see some crosses with..

worthy of your tithing!!  

can you too imagine?  how beautiful,   -driving through a city...  or flying over a city..   

and every. single. cross. on. every. single. church.   LIGHTED   -beacons of hope...

easy visual reminder, easy access to how many churches populate a give city/county/area...

how awesome would that be?!    i can see how beautiful!    -maybe this warrants a mail/email writing campaign..

in Jesus name,    hallelujah & amen.

if you receive this letter, this prayer..   and you light up your churches cross at night  /if your cross is already lit at night: 

#allcrosseslitatnight  @writeousmom   #inJesusname

Saturday, June 18, 2022

Back to #ButteAmerica #Itsabigdamndeal by (me!) ~topps


i just recently went on about butte  -what a potential gold mine, so let me cut to:

how fascinating i find myself once again  /laughing..

not literally 'myself'

but, more specifically my imagination

and not necessarily 'my' imagination, 

but human imagination in general.


i.e.,    /i always feel so academic when i i.e., things..


even though i do not have the financial resources, even though i do not have an engineering, or architectural background,  -no business degree..    i know no people in high places (save God, of course) with power, influence, unlimited funds

none of this real world lack prevents my imagination from seeing what a place could be;

and as of late, my imagination keeps showing me what butte plaza mall  -could be.


and if i could somehow print out what i get to see in my imagination..  

but even that lack, doesn't prevent me from trying to find the words to share:

what is currently a very large, but unfortunately vacant, dead mall, with like, only 2 or 3 stores in business..

gets converted into a massively impressive, exciting and engaging, first-of-its kind indoor recreation center for the youth:  bowling alley, skating rink, billiards, arcades, library, live theater/open mics, indoor swimming, skateboard park, batting cages, trampolines, escape rooms, tutor halls, arts/crafts activities, community science projects, community movies/shows on jumbo screens.. cooking classes, singing lessons...  and of course, live concerts!

safe, with security, family friendly, temperature controlled..  a wonderful, constructive place for butte youth/families    -coffee shops, mini restaurants, picnic areas

tracks on the in and outside for races..   people, remote cars..

and because it is such a blessing directly to the youth/families, but ultimately benefits everyone, 

instead of paying per visit, or annual membership fees..  

small amounts from the entire population go towards..

if i had it to give; i would give it...

grateful for the free, unrestricted gift of human imagination

hallelujah & amen

Friday, June 17, 2022

#haiku #warriors @writeousmom by (me!) ~topps

Kissing on trophy
electrifies dub nation
bring on our parade!


grateful to witness master level basketball players claim 
a hard earned, well deserved victory

you are so exciting to watch!!

moves we never seen
magical, mystical team
championship memes

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

#haiku #warriors @writeousmom by (me!) ~topps

 steph carried some games

greats step up to carry steph

synergy of champs


don't miss the magic

unbelievable baskets

warriors on fire!

Sunday, June 12, 2022

#haiku #warriors @writeousmom

 clock ticking, high stakes

3 pointers from outer space

blue & gold greatness