Tuesday, August 27, 2013

SPEAKING OF MASTERPIECES by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

That's how I would teach the class: once all the students arrived, I would blind fold one, tie-up another one's hand, bind the feet of another, tilt the neck of another and he'd be required not to move, prick the finger of another so we could see blood, empty glasses (no water) on some desks, glasses of water on others.. To understand/appreciate thirst.. Swallowing, -tape the mouth closed on someone.. Having something hot to touch, something cold... But no one would be allowed to speak, mouth closed or not. Only think. Only experience. Only process. -to have an experience... But no way to express or share it with another.. Every. Single. Object. The design of the whole class would be to grow the appreciation of all that humans get to do.. Can do. -I never stop marveling at what a masterpiece we are: human beings. And the more exposure I have to scientists designing human-like robots, the deeper my appreciation grows. Will someone create a robot that can itself -learn? Appreciate what it has learned? Teach another? For dessert today: my 7 layers of chocolate appreciation cake: pull up a CHAIR. Now, you've been sitting in that same chair everyday for how many years? Ever notice it? ..or is this the first time it has been brought to your attention? Let me tell you about the wood, how it was made, who made it. You had no idea, did you. Well go ahead now, and sit down on it... What's that? One of the legs is wobbly? I wonder when that happened? Try and fix it. -well, perhaps we can just buy a new one then... What's that? They don't make them anymore? Well, maybe you can go find that same wood and make one of your very own... I'll just put the cake in the refrigerator until you get back... -now, you've opened this REFRIGERATOR how many times?... -now, YOU've opened this refrigerator how many times?


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