Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Revelations for (me!) Sandra, tvgp

How do I begin? -someone needed my teaching/lesson. I knew the answer. I knew what to say... But! In order for this person to understand/appreciate/apply what I had to teach, they -first- had to have my same understanding/belief in God, and an enemy (the devil) working in the spiritual realm here on earth; through people. The lesson could also be taught with a secular vocabulary and secular analogies, but in order for me to really cut to the chase and explain things, I needed for us to -begin- with this mutual understanding and belief... This would make everything else I had to say make quick and easy sense. An example: when someone is suffering, my first question is "are you a man (or woman) of faith?". If they answer yes.. We can proceed forward from there, according to that mutual understanding, and the conversation is easy. If they say no.. We have to go backward.. Find a starting place.. And move awkwardly forward, but in many respects we will be speaking a different language, with different understandings, while trying to arrive at the same place, and it is going to take an extra long time to get there. And, it dawned on me recently.. How that is exactly the same problem big bang theorists run into.. They have a lot they know and want to explain, but nothing they say is really going to make sense, unless you first just believe as they do, in this big bang. With that mutual understanding, they can proceed forward... Without that mutual understanding/ belief... You are speaking two different languages and it takes so much longer to explain things. -everything they hope to teach you is based on you already agreeing to that beginning. the upshot for both is this: in order to understand this; you just have to believe that. It is a matter of convenience not knowledge. Or as I said recently, and as also applies to both: we are not knowers; we are believers. Our origins are unknowable, but we require a starting place... Somewhere, anywhere.. In order to turn the page. if you believe as I do.. In an infinite universe, you know there is no one, true starting place. -so, perfect place to pose the question(s): where do you choose to begin? -if you don't believe in an infinite universe, we can't really have this conversation, which captures the entire message of this post. -see.


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