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LEV GROSSMAN @ RAKESTRAW lucky (me!) sandra, tvgp


so, unpacking first box, and I came across my autographed book, The Magicians, by Lev Grossman..

-I'm pretty sure my book is still in his backpack..  /since you know, I never heard back from him..

and I am the eternal optimist.  so,

I'm trying to follow the de-clutter bible rules, where you try not to handle the same paper or object 12 different times, and deal completely with it when it hits your hands.

when I came across this book; I decided, I'm going to stop everything, try contacting him one last time,  -then put the book with my autographed collection, and carry on..

and when I just checked my blog and entered his name in the search bar; nothing.  ??  I know ive written..  and have pictures...   turns out I could only find them from my post listings...  where several from 2009, 2010, 2011 pop up, as unpublished.  -not sure about why, but ive un-unpublished this one and will deal with the others at a later date..

"hi lev!   ~remember (me!)?"

***  original post 8/22/09****

i first met lev via cnn/bookspan program i was watching when he was part of a panel, with steven johnson and chris anderson, discussing "the state of the publishing industry."

all three of them talked about the difficulty, the mystery of how certain authors gain the keys to the kingdom, so to speak, while others do not

and the costs/benefits of having a traditional publisher, agent, publicist, etc. vs. the growing practice of self-publishing -which i have recently done.

and if i understood the upshot correctly -when it comes to sales, distribution, publicity, tours, you are much better off with a traditional publisher -their years of experience, established relationship network, media sources

but when it comes to editing, covers, layout, content,

when it comes to ~ artistic control ~

self-publishing offers greater freedom. oh! what an unoriginal story: artistic freedom vs. commercial profit. i'm too bored already to go on any more about it

so let's skip ahead shall we

after the show i had to go and google lev grossman and learn more -and more.

ahh. cool... book critic/time magazine.. how could someone like me ever get my book to someone like him? and i think i sent an email.

then started following him on twitter.

then! ordered his book, the magicians, from towne center books in pleasanton. my first introduction into the fantasy genre

and then! (this is when it starts to feel like magic) i'm watching my 5 year old niece for the day (my sugarplum), and i take her to downtown danville

because it's a beautiful day, and the drive will help kill some time

and we went a' walkin, me, my niece, and her two babydolls in her new double stroller, and we just happen to stop in rakestraw books

and one guess whose picture is on the wall behind the cash register announcing an upcoming signing/reading!


another personally inscribed book for my personally inscribed book collection.

another picture for my literary scrapbook on my website -AND-

maybe, maybe, maybe -if i can gather my courage..

if i bring my book

if i pray..

if i either show up early, or stay late..

maybe -if i can get my book in his hands- he'll review it in time magazine!


my empathy for successful published author/critics is way high. i know in advance how often people bother them to ask questions about wrtiting/publishing.. give advice.. ask favors

know in advance his desk is piled with books to read

and really now. who wants to be the 1milliointh hopeful approaching the author at his signing/reading

it's awkward at best.

but awkward is almost all i know. so i did it.

showed up early, braved my way over to engage in conversation

told him about how he is my first -how the magicians is my first fantasy novel, and i'm completely engaged.. enjoying this story and this genre

and hestitantly asked him how many people during his tour had handed him books in hopes he would review them

why, do you have one?" well, YES I DO!

and i handed him eat, write & exercise.. with a letter of introduction/mission tucked inside, and a newspaper article about the tri valley haven's SOS, and my business card

and we talked more about writing/publishing, and i asked more about what criteria is required for him to review -and he couldn't quite layout specific criteria, except to mention that he looks for something new, he hasn't seen before

and i lit up for that one, because i'm just sure he's never read anything like this book before..

and he said something about needing a book to read for the flight home

and i smiled so big.. don't tease me! please don't tease me

and i said, "read the first three stories for craft, the tri valley haven story for value"

and he folded a page or two in the book, and then..

and then i watched as he placed MY BOOK, eat, write & exercise in HIS duffle bag, and he said

are you sitting down? he said,

"you're on the list."


i've never been so excited to be on a list before. thank you lev grossman

and then his talk and reading was entirely enchanting... gracious, honest, funny

and now i have every single thing i hoped for:

my personally inscribed book reads: this book is for sandra kay. a fellow scribe. -with quite a fancy/artsy signature

the picture is write here for you to see, and will be added to my website literary scrapbook

maybe, maybe, maybe we'll be reading lev grossman's thoughts on eat, write & exercise in time magazine

thank you! thank you! thank you! ~amen.


At 12:20 PM, Blogger Kathy Cordova said...

OMG! Talk about serendipity! Praying for a miracle, Praying for a miracle, Praying for a miracle...

At 8:43 AM, Blogger she said...

miracle mom: thank you! ~ if ever there was a time for spiritual surrender...

love n' prayers write back to you!


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