Thursday, August 18, 2016

thanks for asking (me!) sandra, tvgp. Mixed media on wine bottles

the largest wine bottle ive worked on to date, was this one.  5L  "thank you Craig!"

it was for the 50th anniversary of Petite Sirah  -founded/labeled/named write here in Livermore, CA, by Jim Concannon, who was celebrating his.. 80th birthday, if i'm remembering correctly

there was a dual celebration where this wine bottle, co-designed by my daughter and I, was part of a silent auction..

at the time, I knew very little about Petite Sirah, except, I enjoyed it, usually toward the end of wine tasting flights..   as it is both darker, and quite pronounced, and might overwhelm the distinct flavor of lighter wines if not tasted in that order

but I did go out, and look specifically at which leaf..   so I could create the write one.  because when it comes to grapes, as I would learn..     a leaf is not just a leaf..

each has a very specific shape, design..


my creative effort here was:  heart of course, love of wine; celebrations; petite sirah; history itself..  then, what would represent the petite sirah grape surrounding and cascading around the heart

, the correct leaf..  and fanciful top..  with just a joy of colors, papers, design covering the bottle itself..


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