Monday, August 15, 2016

Healing Power of Nature. as experienced by (me!) sandra, tvgp

as medicine is to physical pain  -nature is to spiritual.


there is a book titled last child in the woods, regarding 'nature deficit disorder' by Richard Louv.
I am a believer.

and i contemplate here how the very first environment God chose for humans was a garden.

sharing here the beautiful view out of the bathroom window. and in fact, there is a beautiful view in every direction here..   and in only a matter of hours I will be at Alden Lane.   and the thing worth noting there, and around beautiful nature in general.. is that exposure alone has healing powers.   its unlike reading a self-help book, or yoga or counseling or hitting the gym..   where effort on your part is demanded.   in nature..

well, one solo walking lap around Alden Lane in silence might just be the equivalent of 8 counseling talking/venting sessions inside a building with another person.

and then I just imagine, -as I have zero experience doing any actual gardening

I imagine that when you garden, and you invest time and energy into nature itself..   the results must be ten fold.  I mean, if it gives so generously in its existence alone..  

imagine what happens when you give back!    and just as after I started working/merchandising at ricks picks i started noticing merchandising in every store I visited

same with Alden Lane..  the exposure to plants, trees, flowers, arrangements there, opens my eyes to the plants, tress, flowers, landscaping in new ways to places I have visited and/or passed by a million times.    -its wonderful to notice and appreciate what for so long you could only see. 

"To spiritual roots!". I.J.N.   amen.


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