Wednesday, August 03, 2016

"wooo hooo! wooowhoops" apology from (me!) sandra, tvgp

for the most part, I have one, maybe three drinks listening to live music under the stars at barones, and at least 3 hours of dancing, and usually some cheese/crackers

so, for the most part, I do not usually need someone else to drive me home..  but someone else usually does.

for the other part though; that's not the most, but the sometimes part...

well, I said to my sister, I said, ".. and I plan on having just as much fun this Thursday as I did last Thursday.."

and she smiled and laughed because we both knew..   she said, "usually it's me, but it was your turn apparently"

and I said, "i feel sorry for spilling my drink all over that girl..  you know..  and I was gonna apologize and offer to buy her a drink or something, but she got all pissed off and left so I didn't have a chance.   so, I'm just not going to bring my drink with me on the dance floor anymore..  ill leave it at the table."

and that's when my sister explained, "you didn't spill your drink on her..  she was on the dance floor with her drink, and you did one of those wild Elaine moves on the dance floor, and you knocked her arm and caused her to spill her drink all over herself.."

/you know.. the famous Elaine dance move from Seinfeld; that one.

and what could I do; could we both do; but laugh.

so, I haven't lost my touch then!   I can hold a drink and dance at the same time!

but, recommend that if you think you can too; just don't dance anywhere near me.


anyway, it set a little deeper in, and I said with an extra layer of sincerity during my prayer

"... and forgive me my trespasses..."

and it set a little deeper in, and I said with an extra layer of sincerity, and enthusiasm

"and "thank you Jesus!" for Thursday nights!  woo hoo!"


another move coming soon.  heightened vulnerability for depression to set in.

spiritual and practical weapons: sparkling helmet of salvation; dancing shoes of peace; fashionable belt of truth; intricately embossed breast plate of faith

/I don't have these memorized..

custom made, light weight, personalized sword of the spirit in my write hand; liquid spirit in the other

live music! good friends! good times!

anti-crying medicine which pairs very well with prayer.   

In Jesus has got some moves all his own name..    amen!


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