Sunday, July 24, 2016

PRAGUE WINTER by (madeleine albright!) as read by (me!), sandra, tvgp

you know the question...'if you could have anyone over for dinner, alive or dead.. who would you invite?'    


so happy, and slightly unnerved, to be reading this again.  why unnerved?  -to read page 47, and re-realize that it all served as prelude to hitler..  

and this time around, I'm seeing what I fear are patterns...   not isolated experiences to this country and time, but..   pattern.

and they happen both ways..   patterns which lead to democracy/success for the masses; and patterns which lead to dictatorships/evil empires..

on the whole however, I do believe I would have liked this Masaryk fellow...


entirely different book:   I share his vision, e.o. Wilson..   and especially working at alden lane, I wish, I imagine what it might be like to contribute to having a data base which contains information on every. single. living. thing:

how my grandchildren might be able to just take a picture of a plant, or flower, or insect.. and

a match is found, quick as a calculator can give the answer to a math problem, and you are presented with the scientific, and the common name.. and some details..


speaking of calculators:   this for the a.i. team:   I noticed, with my own calculator, -that sometimes, with age/use, the numbers would not be entirely visible..

like, the top of a 7 might not display properly, so that it could look instead like a 1

but while the display might be faulty; the answer itself has never,  -not once; been wrong.

-this creates an opportunity for a playful experiment:   to create a calculator that gives the wrong answers;  -sometimes.     12+12 =     

but not always.


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