Monday, August 01, 2016

The physical. The spiritual. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

culture is malleable.  don't forget it.


ive used this example before.  it is one of my favorites.  as I am both write handed; and left.  a write handed lefty.

that's the physical truth.  I was born left handed.  and I was born at such a time that it was okay to be left handed.  not exactly anything I was supposed to brag about; but not anything I had to hide.  but boy did I hear stories of what it was like just one or two generations before me

the fear!  how parents, grandparents, teachers would smack your left hand if you were caught using it as a way to "correct" you.   -I'm very curious as to the origins of this fear.   -how far and wide it spread..  every culture across the globe?   all populations?  or just some..

and what brave person (people) finally help put an end to it?  and how long before people on the whole realized..

the world did not come to an end; lives were not destroyed; nothing terrible or awful or ugly resulted from just letting people who were born left handed; be left handed.  

and there was almost a...  utter and complete turn around.   -from fearing it, and correcting it, and shaming it..

to celebrating left handed people!   ...some of our most creative, most contributing, highest, noblest, well regarded leaders in any variety of fields around the world:

left handed!

the most important thing to realize is that it was an irrational, and unnecessary fear to begin with.  -and the most important thing to think about is

how many things still fall in this category?   and what criteria are we using to move from unnecessary fear to celebration?

are we not back to character?   not the color of our skin; but the content of our character

not our handedness; not our hair or eye color; or weight; or bone size

not our orientations; education; political affiliations; faith systems; economic status...
 gender; age; livelihood

content of our character.   -when it comes to the content of our character:  what specifically are we talking about?

and so, if I revisit something like, 23 and me..   their ability is to provide physical information; not cultural or spiritual response

my interest is in the response; in societies reactions/messages/cultural practices

which fears are unfounded?  how do they originate?   how are they overcome?

in just my short life time, I have seen/witnessed many several unfounded fears revealed as just that: unfounded; and have watched as people have evolved...

I have also witnessed the reverse; but do not have time this morning to address..

it just all serves to make me far more interested in the spiritual than the physical.

what does your spiritual DNA say about you?   how do we read it?  blood, spit, urine...

will you have faith? hope?   -how much?     believe?

you can eat, write & exercise to become a physically healthier person; but

when it comes to just becoming a better person..   in how you treat and respond to fellow human beings...


I watched a show...  scientists again.  you know how I love them..   and they were saying, there has always been about 10% of the population which is left handed

and in one on one combat sports, like boxing, left handed people have the advantage; and because they do,  -that's why we still have a percentage of left handed people;  -Darwin's theory is at play:  survival of the fittest.    /but interesting to note the % never grows or shrinks based on this advantage; just higher in one on one sports than other types..

but I say, once again you are projecting a familiar and false narrative onto a fact:  and my theory is

lets call it Sandra's theory that scientists are projecting again    

it goes like this:

there has always been, and will always be a certain % of the human population which is born left handed.   it has nothing to do with survival of the fittest.   it stays rather consistent regardless.

in cultures/places where it is not forbidden or feared or corrected; we can get a better look at just what the real % is


and that reminds me of the other show..   scientist again...  you know how I love them..

and they created a very persuasive program which proved their scientific fact that females choose their mates based on who can provide the best, strongest, healthiest offspring

a take on Darwin's theory again; and again, I say they are projecting a narrative, not discerning a truth:

look please at the domestic abuse shelters around the world..   these women did not choose a mate based on anything but low self esteem..

and the babies being born already addicted to crack...

and single people who adopt...      and couples who adopt children with disabilities...

and people who choose not to have children at all...   and non-heterosexual people/couples..

and any/all parents who abuse children, one way or another...

I could go on and on, but my point is, there is but a small % of people who -maybe- choose a mate based on what they believe their choice contributes to offspring,  -but your program projected this idea as fact for the entire human race.

I fear you have spent too much time in the books and the lab, and very little in the real world.


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