Friday, August 12, 2016

Dragonfly. Frosting. Boxes. Words. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

with great conscious effort to override heart..  i am literally.

i am intentionally avoiding all of the stuff that accompanies moving, saying goodbye, etc.  compartmentalizing..  and sharing this instead:

-how we all ...  well, im acclimating to the coming and going of coworker friends at Alden Lane.. And repeat here how meeting these young college/career bound, late teen to 20 something's gives me great hope for the worlds future

and it is my nature to seek and find silver linings

and WOW because the silver lining of this particular situation keeps coming in the form of "Frosting!!"

-the real kind!   -the really really real good kind.  -because Jacquie Williams Courtright   

personally herself.. 

makes a cake for each employees birthday and/or going back to school/college,   -any special occasion.

And!  SHE even has a menu of amazing, delicious cakes to choose from.  - and so far i have had the great! pleasure of sampling several different ones

i still can't quite make up my mind.  all I know for sure, is

well, i was thinking i need to be at Alden Lane, at a minimum, through February 2017, because when its your birthday, you get to choose which cake..  but since she does this for goodbye/good luck occasions also...

if say, my handsome, single, literary agent with lucrative contract in one hand and flowers/chocolate in the other shows up before then..

"I still get a personally baked cake! with real frosting!".

I love you Jacquie!    -my sister and I never quite reached that level of competence in the kitchen..  but we have learned to keep our sense of humor about our shared inadequacy

" here. we breaked and baked this just for you..." 

so this kind of real, homemade deliciousness is very much appreciated and respected and devoured by us..    /just ask our mom..


In other news at Alden Lane..    while i was receiving/pricing in one of the buildings i heard the strangest noise..

couldn't identify by sound what on earth?!   and when i went to investigate, turns out it was a giant size dragonfly (drone) caught in a spider web..

it was the loudest buzzing, slash humming, slash banging noise..  and i could see with every effort to escape it just kept getting more deeply tangled in the web. it was just at the base of a window, so it appeared to be banging its own head against the glass over and over..  How do I get myself into these messes! I saw the web! I know better!

and my confession is that..  I couldn't get myself to go close enough to save it..   I was just witnessing it suffer.. 

watching as the energy of its struggle diminished..   and to tell you more truth, I thought in fact it died..

/or the batteries ran low

write in front of me.   -about that time though...   melissa came by.. she couldn't get closer either..   and john could have, but heather was the first responder on the scene when I asked, "do you want to save a dragonfly's life?"

And with not one..  not one! ounce of hesitation she went directly..
she reached with her bare hands directly into that spiders web and gently removed the dragonfly..   then gently peeled off excess web stuff from its wings and body and sure enough

when she tossed it into the air...    -off it went... 

made my whole day to see this dragonfly have its (battery) life saved.


and i was thinkin' maybe Jacquie oughta make her a cake!


I.J.N.   amen!


At 6:46 AM, Blogger SHE said...

1. italics error would take too long to correct.

2. The Heart Seen by (me!) in Alden Lanes parking lot yesterday

3. and those shoes I'm wearing.. My favorite pair of shoes in my whole 50 year life.. water damage though.. and over-use. wear them every working day.. long post short: I searched couldn't find another pair anywhere.. Same with my sister.. store/online/ luck.

"Mom!". -to the rescue again.. SHE does have very impressive investigative/research skills.. and when you combine that with LOVE..

next thing you know you have a new pair of your most favorite shoes in the world being delivered to your new address

"Thank you Mom!". Love you! Appreciate you! Xoxo


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