Monday, August 15, 2016

Public "Thank you. and you.. and you.. and.. YOU!" -from (me!) sandra, tvgp

there are many things we've shared, that would need to become TWO instead of one, like the magnificent coffee maker with an alarm that allowed you to set the time it would make the coffee..  -a gift from our mom, of course..  and quite typical in the blessed kind of way, i was visiting her house when i said out loud, "im going to be in the market for a keurig machine.".   it was just a statement, not a request but:

" honey.. i happen to have one in the cupboard and we don't use it.. "

and i went home..   at least where i had been calling home for several years; save a break to carols and back again... -with my very own red keurig amazing coffee-making-on-the-spot-machine..

and i have the blogging day mug my sister surprise gifted me

and I'm drinking from it write now.   "thank you!".  I love you!

how many people in all helped with this move? a lot.  and I would just feel terrible if I forgot a name.. But my mind is overloaded and so I must count on forgiveness/understanding if I do..  Jack, taryn, jazzy helped, heather helped, Carla helped, April helped, Debra helped, our dad, our mom, our brother's love, Melissa, her brother jeremy, mike helped, Michelle helped, Michelle's fiance..   Rhonda helped.. Matthew.. Azi/john... Craig helped..  and we were blessed to have offers of help from several true friend others..

there are many different ways and levels people can contribute to helping others move; and contributing in many different ways and on many different days so many people did!

but the lions share, when it came to the yucky, yucky lifting, moving, negotiating, this goes here/that goes there.. drive here/now drive there.. upstairs/downstairs.. take this apart/put this together, etc. Etc..    well, a very big THANK YOU! to our moms husband Rick. We love and appreciate you!

and for the use of his truck.. "THANK YOU!" to our dad..   we returned it clean and..   "I noticed you filled the gas tank.." -he said with a smile in his tone..   and I said, "that's because you helped raise us write."    

and I'm saving my gratitude post for the Koopmanns because it will be more involved..

but, before I close, I will share what I've learned over 30+ moves in my 50 years

its just awful.   there is no getting around it.   but when you shift your focus..

well, the same way you can either magnify the accident or instead focus on the blessings of first responders...

i am choosing to magnify the outrageous blessings of everyone who helped with this move vs. the hideousness of the process itself.    In Jesus faithful name!  Amen...

and I am focusing on the blessing and happiness our brother and his family will experience having his sister, niece, nephew nearby vs. the absence of them near me..

and focusing on the opportunity for yet another radical declutter vs. the fact i had to pack up..   

and focusing on the truly divine beyond my own imagination blessings of being at the Koopmann's vs. not being with my sister, niece, nephew..

if I may reference here one of my own prior posts: my mind is skinny dipping in the beautiful part of the ocean.

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