Wednesday, August 17, 2016

SHE loves her keurig even more! (me!) sandra, tvgp

went down like this:  last night I poured the water in; inserted the pod, so that first thing this morning I could just click it down, turn it on, wait for the blue blinking light, click brew..

wait for only a moment, enjoy the aroma while the coffee pours out,  and then "ahhhhh"


that's exactly what I did.    and do you notice any step I missed?


well, after I clicked it down, turned it on, waited for the blue blinking light to signal I could click brew, which turns the blue blinking light to a red blinking light..

write at that very moment it dawned on (me!)

so, I turned around facing the opposite direction, picked up my phone and called my mom

best mom in the universe, to say

"Happy Birthday!"  and "I love you!"

and I could hear the coffee pouring, and i was enjoying the aroma, when

write at that very moment it dawned on (me!)

that i neglected to put a coffee cup! in the machine...    it further dawned on me, while still facing the other direction and texting my mom now,  because she didn't answer her phone...that

1.  my brand new, haven't even worn them yet,  favorite pair of shoes ive ever owned that my mom just had shipped to me at my new address, and went to great trouble to find..   they were directly underneath the table my Keurig sits on..

2. so is the Koopmann's carpet!

with an enormous amount of dread i turned around to see the extent of the damage.


i am very, VERY, extra happy to report that, it turns out, the mini container your coffee mug sits on, in this particular Keurig machine, holds

exactly! 1 blogging day mug worth of water.   and i say exactly, because when i pulled it out to empty it, it was as full as it can be without spilling over

and a tiny bit did spill as i pulled it out.   so it became a bit of a slow, and surgical like procedure to remove and empty the container without..

and so i got a towel, and a plastic container, because there was no way to balance it all the way to the closest sink..


then.   as we all must do from time to time.  i laughed.  said "thank you Jesus!"  and "thank you!" whoever designed this machine!"

and i started all over.   and am enjoying my morning coffee write now.  "cheers!" &  "amen!"


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