Tuesday, August 16, 2016

public "Thank You!" to the Koopmann's, from (me!) sandra, tvgp

it is one of those cases where I'm not sure where to begin.  But this post would be a great place to play i-spy God at work.  To see what i describe, and experience as God's Creative Choreography:

now there is too much; my mind is overwhelmed, so i'm going just get started, and return to this post as time/energy allow.

-but, on the day my sister   -see. have to stop and cry.    and allow it...

i'll be write back.


last time i had to search for a room to rent..   and God triple bless Carol Newman and her granddaughter Stacy for opening their home/room..

but there is a lot of psychological upset in the prelude..  so, for instance, my background prevents me from being as comfortable as others for searching craigslist for a roommate..   and we can all agree, well..  with whom and where we live..  area, neighborhood, cost, personality compatibility, lifestyle compatibility,   -long list..

short-cut here to the day i learned i was going to be needing to looking for a new room to rent.  i showed up to work unnerved.. raw..   in the -just hit with the news, sensitive/mind spinning/heart without a chair place...     overwhelmed with the task of how, when, where to begin my search

and, really, all i did, was be brave enough to say it out loud..  and i say brave, in this way only:  that i knew it would make me all emotional, and that's not always considered good work etiquette, you know..  and then theres the effort to pull yourself back together, so you can you go

"thank you! here's your change.. come back again soon..."

so i said it out loud.  and on this very day, which you must know, is not representative of everyday, but only some of the days   -Julie koopmann

AKA:  JU JU KOOP   -was working.    -revisit here how it is we have crossed paths at all.  all the prelude ..

and she said, among other loving, supportive things; she said, "you know what..   we have a room for you."


and i even allowed her to back out of it..  like, oh..  i understand..  here i am crying, and you made this decision in the moment..    and what is your husband going to say?  "Julie!  What were you thinking!?! "    -so, i made plenty of room to let her back out, check with the family..   assured her i have found a room before, i can find one again..  etc.    -Concerned about taxing a new friendship..

and she assured me she had spoke with her husband, and her daughter..  and everyone was okay with it.

and all i can say, is, as she made it more comfortable..  i was like, "Thank You Jesus!! and JuJu Koop! and Koopmann Family!"


and if that's where it began and ended:  the Koopmann's opening their home and a room to me; that would be enough.    -but there is so much more here:   beauty!  and the window of time i am exactly here..   not ten years before this; not ten years ahead, but

write now.    -Blessing on top of a blessing, wrapped in another blessing.


  and i have to stop writing to get ready for work..  but for fun, just for fun..

i'm going to try and find the blog post which puts my family at the kottinger barn, which was restored by the Koopmann's parents..

and it made me laugh to revisit it..  and laughter is another healer!

see posts from August 24th, 2012:  Clues?  and God's perfect timing..

In Jesus knows what he's doing, name!   amen


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