Saturday, August 20, 2016

Productive Procrastination by (me!) sandra, tvgp

I believe the term was coined by Ray Orrock..  and ever since I read it, ive employed it; both in my vocabulary, and my life:

so, for example, or i.e., as the scholars like to say,

I have 7 or more boxes in~waiting for me to unpack..   and wait just a few moments more they will, while I bring you this:   my favorite pair of shoes ive ever owned!   -purchased originally at macys where the magic of my mom and macys collaborate on many occasions to delight and astonish friends and family members

but now, what happened was:  did a little watering at alden lane, and these shoes ain't made for waterin'

then, as you know I went on a hunt for a new pair..  no luck at the store; no luck online; no luck with manufactures website..     and I'm repeating myself I know, but ..  the boxes..  so repeat myself I will

my sister tried too; no luck x3 again..   but "my mom!"    -and now just look!   so i'll be wearing the old, water damaged ones to alden lane..    and the new ones only for walks around town..

and the thing about these shoes, and the tag..   there is not a specific person to thank and acknowledge for the design, only the larger umbrella of the brand name/manufacturer..  so, whoever you are

"i love 'em!"      -they are so (me!).


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