Thursday, August 18, 2016

You Always Remember Your First. knows (me!) sandra, tvpg

I quick, snapped this picture of Jacquie..  it is my view through the gift store door of her being filmed for her Valley Gardner program on TV30..

and look!

Jacquie herself, came and taught me how to prune a Japanese Maple.  My first.   /I say with a smile.
And ive long known something, I may or may not have shared before:

Trees are the best listeners.    -they really are.    And our entire society is making efforts, incrementally, to go paperless

and I want to tell you about another opportunity to do that here.    if you have ever vented, shared, processed by writing something on paper, and then throwing it away or burning it, or tearing it up

but just used paper to write your feelings out..   and release them.

use leaves instead.  

as I pruned this Japanese maple; my first..

I telepathically communicated what I might have in the past, written down on paper..

the thoughts leave my mind and body; they are released and are absorbed by the leaves, and then the leaves..

are pruned and released from the tree..

and head out into the great unknown..

its a paperless, pencil/pen-less and green way to accomplish the same thing baby-boomers once used paper, pens and fireplaces...

so the method has changed and evolved; but you wanna know what never will:

the life enhancing need humans have, to release thoughts and emotions from their physical bodies; and the positive experiential difference it makes when we do.

quiet. productive. paperless;


and now, turns out not only is there more than one way to skin a cat; but there is more than one way to prune a maple:

per Jacquie:   you clip with scissors...

per Shirley:  you pull your closed hand across the stem; grabbing several leaves with one swipe..

per Greg:  you tug the leaves in a backward motion..  and they come off more easily..

and according to Jacquie..    "-see.   there are options.."

so, I applied all three techniques during my first Japanese Maple pruning experience; and sure enough

all three work.   

and now, there is more than one way to describe this process also..

I refer to these fully pruned trees, or any leafless tree,  as being naked;  nursery professionals say, de-leafed

and so I'm going to have to experiment with that..

playfully, I was comparing in my mind..   "i de-clothed him with my eyes"   vs.  "i undressed the tree"


and lastly, I will close with this:   according to Jacquie

"in 4 weeks to the day..   all the new leaves will come back."     -stay tuned for that picture; I am.

In Jesus mighty and creative name!   amen.


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