Tuesday, March 04, 2014

WOMAN IN HER WRITE MIND (me!) Sandra, tvgp

There are several boxes for me to pack, so I thought this would be a great time to discuss...  Time! My ongoing fascination with how I experience time as an individual vs. The earth clock..  How when I write or color or merchandise..  What I experience as taking 10 or 15 earth minutes has actually taken HOURS.  And how looking ahead, or within, a day can feel like, well, -a day.  But looking back, all of time is super compressed. Fun to take the question LITERALLY: "where does time go?". -when it passes by..  When its gone..  When it seems to disappear..  Where does time go?  Does it in fact..  Travel?  And the connection of our minds to time..  There seems to be two lanes, if you will..  The slow lane, the fast lane..  Sometimes we are (we = our minds and time) traveling at the same speed, other times, different lanes.. But for the most part: in the same direction.. I wonder.


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