Monday, March 03, 2014

Cast your cares on Jesus! Attempts (me!) Sandra, tvgp

I have accomplished this before, with great results, but can't in the moment provide a concrete example, -all I know is sometimes I'll get quite psychologically weighed down trying to figure things out..  Til my brain feels like it might split open or spontaneously explode, then I'll hear the teachings of my Christian mentors... "Give it to God" and so I think that sounds quite wonderful, and I do..  But then I'll catch myself over thinking again..  Then rehear the teaching, and try again...  Sometimes it even seems like God himself.. Not my Christian teachers here on earth,  but God himself raises his voice to me, "Sandra! Sandra! Sandra! Give it to me! I will take care of it". Then I do...  And I experience a period of peacefulness..  And I trust God IS taking care of things..  My job is to practice faith, trust and patience..  -this takes a great deal of spiritual training.  There ought to be a spiritual Olympics in addition to the summer and winter, don't you think? 


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