Monday, March 03, 2014

GOD DOESNT LAY EGGS by (my dad!)

Another one my dad is famous for repeating: "what came first, the chicken or the egg?"  (Wait for it...).  "The chicken! God Doesn't lay eggs".   But that gets me to thinkin'.  /because let's be honest, what doesn't:   "what came first the piano or the prodigy?".  And "what came first the calendar or the savant?".  -in humanities history.. Were there musically gifted minds, before instruments?  That is.. When you see a super young prodigy sit down at the piano and play beautifully without a lesson or even a pre-introduction..  Did similar minds exist pre-piano? And we just never knew because a piano did not exist to reveal the gift/talent?  -and same question with calendar savants..   Did similar minds exist pre- (what is it we use? Julian? Gideon?). -pre-calendar?  Are there savants for the different type of calendars which have evolved over -time? It is very easy for me to see there is no such thing as a baby born with a blank slate.. But rather, just as our physical traits are predetermined, so are our gifts/talents..  And then it just becomes fascinating to wonder..  Well, a certain % of the population are inclined toward and are in fact, gifted painters..  Did a % percentage live and die without awareness of this gifting because they born before the discovery of paints..   And on that subject..  The people who discover/invent tools and supplies for artists are not always artists themselves..  Paper makers, for example, who do not draw or write.. But they make beautiful paper!  -for others to use..  I'm getting off track.. But! The point is..  It is very obvious to me there is a predetermined division and variety of gifts, talents, inclinations, dispositions, etc. In the human race.   I won't enter into my next obvious to me topic in any great detail, but .. And in our current school systems it sure seems like children get unfairly rewarded for what comes naturally and unfairly punished for what does not...   When what we should be doing is evaluating strengths & weaknesses and then employing everyone based on this distribution toward a common goal..  Not judging/criticizing.. Forcing..  But Evaluating, and exploiting what is strong and good.. Out of each individual.


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