Monday, March 03, 2014

THERES MORE THAN SHORT & LONG TERM MEMORY.. Thats for sure! By (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Perhaps by the subject matter and quantity of my current two thumbed typing you can tell that I am moving.. And how packing and moving are so utterly devastating.. Potentially devastating, that I'll do anything ..  Productive procrastination ray orrock called it.  Anyway..  Imagine you have a vault, a locked vault, filled with highly valuable something.  -something being whatever it is YOU find highly valuable..  Money? Jewels? Cars?  -whatever.  Okay.  Now, you know those valuables are in there.. You KNOW!  But you don't have a key to open it...  So, there they sit..  Just sitting.  Sitting inside a locked vault.  And you with no Key.   Weeks pass..  Months pass..  Years even...  There sits the locked vault.  There waits you for the key.  You are in the same room, yes..!  You and the locked vault.. But you can't inside without the key.   Live there in your imagination for a little bit for me.  K, now...   My mind is the vault. My -memories- are the highly, highly valuable items inside my mind; the treasure!  And my PICTURES! Are the key!  -that is WHY, as I declutter, it is my pictures which are the most, most valuable..  There are memories.. They ARE IN MY MIND.. But, I dont have access. -ACCESS- without a key..  And I see a certain picture and gain immediate! Access to the treasured memory.   -so many experiences.. I think, oh, I forgot about that until I saw this picture again...  So, without the picture.. It was still in my mind, the experience/the memory..   But no key without the picture.  -see?  A portion of my memories/experiences will surface without picture reminders of both things that happened long ago and more recently, but another portion will ONLY surface when a picture unlocks it..  This is not long or short memory.. It does not even appear to me to be strong or weak memory..  Its something else.. I don't know.  But! On the subject again of memory:  I am fascinated by Alzheimer's vs. Amnesia?  With Alzheimer's you lose even your memory of what a fork is used for.. Or a shoe? What is that?  -but amnesia.. You remember how to eat, get dressed, read, write, etc. But you forget people, places, experiences.  -that's interesting, isn't it.  I'll always remember Shinn telling me about his amnesia..  "I couldn't remember they were my parents..  But I knew in order to be alive, I had to have parents...".    LASTLY, and then I really will get packing..  When my new phone broke not too long ago..  And my handsome prince helped me get a replacement "thank you! Again" -they told me at Verizon that yes, they could transfer names and numbers, but they would not be able to transfer PICTURES.  I did not know this in advance of my phone breaking, and so.. Found it quite devastating that all the pictures..  My HIGHEST, most valued items, were.. -boom!-  just like that; gone.  It broke my heart.  So now.. When I realize in cyber world how instantly anything/everything can just... -disappear.  I give even greater value to the tangible pictures I'm packing and moving.  Greater value to my writings that are IN PRINT. 


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