Monday, March 03, 2014

OPEN WOUNDS by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

I was hoping I could find something else to write about.. Of course! Open wounds..  Not the physical kind.. The emotional kind.  Oh! Everyone is walking around with open wounds..  They reveal themselves eventually. Much like land mines.. Sitting underneath invisible to the eye until someone says or does something to cause it to explode. I am very familiar with my own.. What they are, what triggers them, etc.  -and what I find frustrating, is many of my open wounds have actually, completely healed.  That is, someone used to be able to say or do something that would get me all upset inside, and now if you were to say or do those exact same things, they no longer upset me; I am at peace.  That's not the frustrating part.. The frustrating part is not being able to articulate/explain HOW.. Like I would like to be able to provide a step by step for others.. But in some cases it seems like.. -that thing no longer upsets me, and I don't KNOW how or why it used to but doesn't anymore.  Gods grace? Prince of Peace?  Time, maturity, writing, talking, thinking, meditating..  Combination/recipe for "it stings" to "hey, it doesn't sting anymore!".   -when I recognize an open emotional wound inside another person..  I wish I could say, do this/do that and it will go away..  Because it sure is heaven on earth when emotional wounds are healed.  -for real, on the inside.. No pretending/masking/dormant/pushed down or away... So that is my prayer today.. After I ask God to orchestrate my every step.. Help me with my tongue.. On and on.. I also pray, dear Jesus.. Help us all recognize and heal our hidden emotional wounds.  -that's the business GOD is in...  Healing.  -amen!


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