Monday, March 03, 2014


Oh, I read that in a book from the library.. Shuffling around in the same shelf area as 7 habits of highly successful people..  Apologize can't remember the exact title/author, but had to do with -trust- being the number one thing a successful business needs these days.. Trust from leader to employees, trust from buyer to seller, etc.  And it discussed how we are living in the lowest trust environment in human history.  I agree without being able to put together a power point presentation for you.. I just know its true.  I stopped keeping track of conversations I hear where one person is talking to another person behind another persons back..  How cyber world communications are hidden/deleted.. Removed.  How.. Strategic people are becoming about who/what they text (traceable) vs. Have conversations with  -_then, conversations on phone vs in person..    So, -what happens as a result, is that -trust-  that is, trustworthy people and organizations have become the singularly most valuable individuals and entities on the planet!  Because what is rare..  The more rare; the more valuable!  Liars are a dime a dozen, as they say..   Oh! To be trustworthy!  To meet a trustworthy person!  GOLD!    -to be WORTHY of trust-   it is write up there with true love..   It does exist! But..   Who/where/what/when/why?


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