Thursday, April 06, 2017

"WARRIORS! #1!" photo missing because of (me!) sandra, tvgp

what I created,  -what I was in the process of creating, to take a picture of, was a #1 out of blue and gold...


"Congratulations WARRIORS!"



yesterday I did a little watering at alden lane,  -do you remember when I tried to explain how   -I can feel information stuck inside me?  I tried to use a clear glass of clear water, and put a straw with a knot..

I know the information is in me. its clear.  but it wont come out of my mouth...  like its trapped and cant find a path

so frustrating!

and when I was watering yesterday..  the way I could turn the water on or off, adjust the pressure/the flow; but mostly in the way the hose would get kinks..   and stop the flow

I'm just certain there are analogies there for how the flow of information works; and doesn't work, or stops working inside our brains..


and also..    having just had a conversation recently regarding an elderly person with dementia..

  -these brain issues/memory issues:   dementia/alzheimers..

if you listen closely..     2 categories:    accurate memories/based in reality, but from a different time.        and then,   -hallucinations

very separate.    like, in one, time is confused within the mind; in the other;
objects/place are confused..

and then..   that distinction well worth paying close attention to:    not,  -where did I put my keys

but,  what are keys for?

 -what we remember/what we forget/what we create/what disappears/what gets confused or distorted or vague..   what becomes more clear...

especially as I revisit my own memories/good, traumatic, otherwise..     my fascination/curiosity remains very high:   human memory collection/ storage/organization/retrieval system...

for which we already know, the computer yields the best and highest number of analogies.

hence, cerebral hyperlinks..   default settings, etc.


once upon a time, on my wall..   I had a sign, a quote..   maybe it was from oprah magazine, I don't remember

but it said,

what you find in your mind is what you put there.  put good things in there.


I have come to realize it is only partially true:   what we find in our minds, is only partly what  -we- put there..


the amount of information/thoughts/ideas/suggestions that other people aim to put in our minds

via advertisements/commercials/billboards/pamphlets...    long list


it is exactly as Joyce Meyer's book title suggests isn't it:  the mind is the battlefield.

a constant vigilance is required..

to filter, analyze, keep, toss, ignore, delete, store, examine..

it is a full time job everyday.

in Jesus name,   -amen!


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