Saturday, April 01, 2017

MILD FORMS OF TORTURE for (me!) sandra, tvgp

k. so one of my dreams/goals..    a poem in the new Yorker.  here's the rules  -you cannot have the poem(s) you submit already published anywhere else..   including, they make sure is clear:  including personal websites/blogs.


I don't agree..  but

and so, yesterday I spent an hour writing three original poems  -unpublished anywhere else, and as you can {not} see:

I have not posted them here on my blog either.   -torture!      and now, I wait, up to 6 months..   

and,   -what are my chances?    but, I do have my blog, as a means for sharing, at a later date,  whether or not they land in print in the new Yorker;  -write.

now, I think..   I should be able to share them with you WRITE NOW..   and then!
if they were accepted, I would remove that post, and replace with the info on when/where they could be found in print.

remember..  it is that very rule:   must not be published anywhere else...

that  resulted in my 9 years worth of daily entertaining comment/responses being removed from leonard stegmann's blog.

I hate that rule.

in Jesus name,   amen.


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