Thursday, March 30, 2017

DID YOU KEEP THE FAITH? i did!! (me!) sandra, tvgp

by the time arrived, parked, ran in the house...

they were 22 points BEHIND

Rick was sure they were doomed...

I think my mom registered as hopeful but uncertain...

but I ran and put my shirt on anyway..

all 3 of us had our shirts on

inside, my mind  ~ my heart..

I was like,   -this is the Warriors!  watch them turn this around...


/p.s. here to my new co-worker, basketball fan friend, Kurt

he was expressing his doubt during our day shift; before the game even started

I said with a smile,

let me help you reword things..

it will be a challenge; yes..

but last night's victory was a prelude to tonights victory!

 -now repeat.

In Jesus,  -did you see that hallelujah of a pass n' shot?!?'s name,   amen!


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