Monday, March 27, 2017

Self-Appointed Location Scout for the next Mel's Diner.. (me!) sandra, tvgp

now, i am just absolutely certain...   "Certain!"   that in Pleasanton, on the corner of Valley & Bernal, is the PERFECT! location for the next:  MELS DRIVE IN

it already has the perfect, half circle shape, parking lot perfect for cool cars to pull up..  for young adults/families to hang out..   it's on the corner; write across from the alameda county fair... quite near a freeway entrance/exit..    near a ton of new resident developments...

it would be perfect!  perfect i tell you!

/filed under dreams for unknown others.


now, my own dream..  /one of many to be sure.   well what i realized:

when i was looking again, from corner of main street in downtown Pleasanton/and st. johns..

glancing over at the building that currently serves as location for milfleur...   and has unknown to me residence living on 2nd floor

well, i was scoping it out again; projecting my wildest dreams

and i have my store downstairs...    and sell lots of purple The Secret Power of Speaking God's word, Joyce Meyer books, in addition to all the books ive ever read/loved..  so a mini book store, but only selling books i personally love,

plus, my mixed media art, of course, photography, my own books, a whole line of d├ęcor..   framed poetry..

and the visible outside wall painted by trenton

with some sculptures by ju ju koops, and gary winter...

and then since working at alden lane, i now project...    "a roof top garden!"    -and Charles huff comes and re-does the top, so that there can be clear glass..   green house on top..

then i live on the 2nd floor

commute downstairs to my day job..

walk to barones for music under the stars..

host my guests at the rose hotel..

walk to the library..   any downtown restaurant...    park...    gallery...   firehouse art center for theater..   meadowlark for frosties

-have awesome view of any parade for my future grandchildren...

-but what i realized,

is just serious i was taking this dream of mine, because when i was on main street viewing it all again,

out loud, i said...  "oh no!   there's no garage!"


In Jesus loves this dreamer       's name,     amen!


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