Tuesday, March 21, 2017

yes. AGAIN. (me!) sandra, tvgp

thoughts on thoughts.

  -the name/vocabulary for the part of us, that allows us to observe our own thoughts.   change them.  or hold them captive, as the bible suggests..

this practice I have been in for some time:    I hold my thoughts captive...   put them through the holy filter..    throw out what I know to be negative/ugly/untrue

and keep what I know to be true, wise, productive, helpful..

the specific part of us that can observe our own thoughts; judge them..   delete, change or meditate on them..
discard or honor them..   question or answer...

what is that part of us called?    "I"   ?

I had a thought.   I observed that I had a thought..


the mind is the battlefield.   the heart is the trophy.    thoughts are weapons.   

                         our heart can use our mind to keep secret truths from others

but our minds cannot use our heart.

There is an internal heirarchy.

where is that place exactly? ...inside us...   that knows/recognizes our truth

Origins?  From eternal truth...

more later..

IJN.  amen.


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