Friday, March 17, 2017


-never woulda guessed...   but I am on the same page with Donald trump when it comes to decisions regarding vaccinations..

that is to say, that, if what ive read is true, trump had his child vaccinated, but not on the same time table as recommended by healthcare professionals.   -that, he too, had concerns about the side effects/consequences of vaccination overload

and there are ongoing arguments where highly respected healthcare professionals say they have proven no link between vaccination overload and autism,

and parents, and others who..   are not as convinced.    -count (me!) among them.

but I don't mind sharing my thinking/limited knowledge/understanding, and wouldn't change my mind if I were faced with the decision again today

my understanding about vaccinations is this:   they help!   like, polio...   claiming lives...  and vaccination discovered, and   -polio has nearly,  vanished.   that is awesome!

now we have a formula for success!      vaccination = immunization from..  way to prevent

that's beautiful!

so let's get more and more and more and more!

next,   we must factor in, my understanding/belief that HOW this works, is

a small version, of the larger/more threatening virus is introduced into the body, and teaches the body to fight off the potential larger threat later..  /something like that..

if I have that wrong...  ?   

and now factor in...    a wave, a significant increase in autism related cases   {fill in dates here/facts/figures   -no one doubts we went from a few to a lot!  and still have no explanation..  only we keep being reassured it has nothing to do with vaccinations...

but there is also a correlation between the increase in the wonderful list of vaccinations we give at one time, and the increase in autism related issues..

perhaps that is all just coincidence.

now, from my way of thinking   -as a non-trained health professional, but as a loving, caring, new mom..

if we don't know...

I'm going to lean in the direction of not overloading on the vaccines.

I'm not going to choose none...  I understand they work, they are helpful in preventing..

but, when I consider any small amount of a living or dead virus being introduced into the tiny, new body of a new human being...

just now learning to fight..

and at one time, they had one or two vaccines...

and then, three or four...

and then,   five, six, seven...   eight.

how many different types of small amounts added together... 

it seems we are requiring too much fight response from a young human body.. at one time. and the mix of ... to fight this and potentially that..  plus this and that too...

and if it is all perfectly safe...   

why is there any separation at all?     how did they determine we give all these, this month,

and these on down the road..  

trial and error; yes?

so, I am not a no vaccines at all parent..

I am a  -lets not overload new human beings-   parent.

and, for the professional healthcare people who insist there is no risk..

what is the number? of vaccines that ='s a cutoff?

if we discover even more vaccines..      so, let's say write now we can provide for polio, chicken pox..  /whatever the current list is.. 

place it here:

let's pretend (I don't have time to research..)   there are 7.

and, now, let's say, we discover 7 more!    

do you give an infant/toddler/youth...    all 14 at once?  if there are  20?

yes or no.  why or why not?   how is the decision made?


what are the consequences/benefits of all vaccines given at once   vs.   provided over a period of months/years...


tucked also in my mind...     how $$ influences decisions in healthcare industry.   they haven't exactly earned our trust...

tucked also in my mind..

oh!  getting the flu shot was the most important thing in the world for everyone!  write now!  and you need this much.

/until, they ran low..

and suddenly all the marketing leaned toward..

well, it was not that important..     you could get a different strain anyway...

if we give you a portion,   a 1/2...     all you need is 1/2 anyway...

 /so, if we only needed 1/2 to begin with...   why more in the first place?

everything is fiction.       

if you follow even 6 threads in the healthcare/pharmaceutical industries you will learn:

very hard to trust.    some lives are saved/some great leaps are made/some health is restored; some cures are found; greed is prevalent/highly influential; corruption is not uncommon...

but you sure cant take one or the other for granted..   you have to peel back layers, every time..


oh!  the ongoing treasure hunt for truth...

In Jesus name,   amen!


with limited research you can learn:    -how vaccines work:

Vaccines work by creating a miniature immune response in the body

Vaccines are like a training course for the immune system. They prepare the body to fight disease without exposing it to disease symptoms. When foreign invaders such as bacteria or viruses enter the body, immune cells called lymphocytes respond by producing antibodies, which are protein molecules.

Vaccines are like a training course for the immune system. They prepare the body to fight disease without exposing it to disease symptoms.


all arguments/concerns regarding autism put completely to the side for a moment:

it still seems to me, that asking a young developing body to fight several things at once is not a good idea..

that if each vaccine is creating its own miniature immune response,  that's demanding a young developing  body to manage several different miniature responses at once..     and if you add a miniature response to this + a miniature response to that + and a miniature response over here + a miniature response there...       suddenly the word "miniature" doesn't apply anymore

if we want to describe/look at vaccines as training the immune system..   then, if you are giving several vaccines at once; that is over-training, which is counterproductive


I believe in, recognize, support  -celebrate! appreciate the success of vaccines/immunizations..

but for me personally,   -I have great concern when it comes to multiple vaccines given to an infant/toddler/youth at once

and can't understand why/what would be the issue with spreading them out over a given/longer time period so that the body would not have to manage several miniature responses at once


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