Tuesday, March 14, 2017

"winner!" new york caption contest by (me!) sandra, tvgp

how many times has this happen to (me!)..   


but, anyway..  "thank you!"  dad    -finally received my new Yorker magazine; very excited!  taryn too..  and yesterday during my 10 minute break

don't you know I spent the first couple minutes eating cake, and the rest..   coming up with ideas for the caption contest.   if the ratio remains the same,  I need approx. 10/15 minutes for every one minute it takes taryn

and I played with the idea of...    relating it to digging to China;  and played with the idea of accidentally time traveling write back to the same time..          and played with the idea of..   if you dig deep enough you find meaning..   played with the man-cave & docents idea...

and it felt like I was on the write track, but nothing was registering as "that's it!"

until this morning!


and, just like before..   first I summoned my team.  I forgot to do that yesterday, so this morning
 [after prayers/meditations] I sat the magazine back on my lap, and I said,

maya, maya, maya. robin, robin, robin, ogden, ogden, ogden,  ray. ray. ray.  Russell Russell, russell

            \maya angelou. robin Williams. ogden nash. ray orrock. Russell crowe    for those of you who don't already know,

and then, I also threw in, Stephen Colbert.. and whoever is on his writing staff..

and I telepathically requested their help and assistance.    May I remind you here, that Dr Maya Angelou used to

well, she never walked out on stage to give a talk or performance without saying 'come with me'

   -so, i'm in very good company, communicating telepathically with spirits

and for fellow believers;  this IS how the idea arrived

and for you boring skeptic/realists; lacking imagination, stuck in the physical world types     -I guess I projected/self generated an idea which somehow occurred to me, not randomly but quite predictably, if you can follow the series of events from pre- big bang to march 14, 2017


they told me..   to see the man in the cave..  to focus on the way his arms were folded; like he is refusing to do something

and then, yes.. I see!    like a kid refusing..

and then they asked me..    what would he be refusing to do?

and then, I was like..

where's a pen?    where's a pen?!

and I wrote:

"NO. I will not stand. I will not shave. I will never wear a shirt and tie!"

       /mine are usually too wordy, but

I'm pretty sure i heard them applauding ... 

and so, quick..   I went online to submit my winning caption.

k. wait..   first I have to ..   and then... over here..
   and then link my subscription..      email..  password...

okay.. k..  click here. verify that..    return over here..   find the cartoon..


hey    -why can't I find..   where is?!     

and it was then.

it was then.  -and not until then-       -not-, may I point out, was it yesterday during my break.   or when the magazine first arrived to my new address

it was not until then, where then ='s after I summoned my spiritual team, and after i came up with the winning caption, and after I excitedly linked my subscription, and after I could not find the cartoon for which I collaborated with my spiritual team to submit the winning caption

that I finally thought..   or rather, was forced!

to read the instruction/rules/guidelines above the cartoon that read

                blah, blah...  Caption submissions for this week's cartoon, by Mick Stevens, must be received by Sunday, March 12th.   

and I looked in the lower write corner of my laptop and it says:   3/14/2017.

and then..

I felt smiles and heard some light~hearted giggles from maya, robin, ogden, ray, russell, Colbert and his writers..

             -now that,   they all said..     that was funny.


In Jesus, blessed are those with a good sense of humor        's    name..    amen!

/if we could amend the sermon on the mount, in the same way we can amend the constitution it would include that..


too many to count, but a couple stand-outs   -there was the time I read the cathedral by Raymond carver, and pre-planned what I was going to wear when I met him...    /and  -then-  where then ='s after I chose my dress and perfume..     then I read:   may 25 1938 - august 2 1988.


and there was the time I tried to meet Jeanette walls...    and I did the read the ticket! I did!   but...


and very, very, recently..   when Alex asked me..  "is that your vehicle in the parking lot?"   and I was like,    "yes"    /all respectful

but internally, like, "duh.. you know that's my jeep..  what a silly question... "

and, but before he said another word it dawned on me..    "oh. this is the day we have to start parking on that other street... isn't it."

and he    -with as much patience as he could muster in the moment, said,  "is there not signs all over the place?"

and in fact, there is..     signs taped here. there. and everywhere...  reminding all employees to start parking on a different street on that day.

and then...   where then ='s after my conversation with alex;   then, my mind traveled back in time, to when I showed up for work, and I thought..  oh! how nice.. look at all these open spots..   I must be early today..


and,   in the words of Bishop T.D. Jakes...

       "can I go deeper?"

because, in double, triple, quadruple fact:    there are signs everywhere!  everyday!   all around each of us

signs and wonders.         ~for those who pay attention and can see.

do I hear an amen in the blogosphere...      


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