Wednesday, March 08, 2017

daffodils are to spring -as considered by (me!) sandra, tvgp

what a "welcome to alden lane!"  these daffodils provide.   they don't just say welcome, they say, we are so happy to see you!    look at that posture..   those open arms..

and, it crossed my mind..   daffodils are to spring, as poinsettias are to Christmas?   as roses are to romance?   as shamrocks are to Saint Patricks Day..       as Lillies are to Easter..

but spring being the season it is..   daffodils are only one of many very colorful stars that share the spotlight

how blessed are we to have them to behold..

In Jesus is the reason for spring and every season's name..     amen.

p.s.  "thank you!" here to Greg for showing me where to stand for the alden lane shot..   

and..    -where did my daffodil man go?   before he disappeared when I got asked a question by a co-worker friend..     I was in the middle of learning

  -because he was wearing a sweatshirt covered in daffodils; and a baseball style cap, with daffodils.. and a pen..

and, fun to learn, back in 1975, I think he told me..   not knowing a single thing about flowers, plants, gardening

but he had read in the paper about a daffodil show..   didn't even know what a daffodil was..  but the show was two blocks from where he lived

and it was free, so..   why not go check it out.   he could walk there.

altered the entire course of his life.   fell in love..    had to know more..    started learning, planting.. growing...  eventually hybridizing..

isn't it fascinating how just a single exposure;  -the power to transform!

I didn't get his name, but "thank you!" for sharing...


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