Monday, March 06, 2017

The people I love (me!) sandra, tvgp

The people I love!   -the people I love write now, are the people who have helped make possible - the technologies/programs that help us capture/organize/enjoy pictures of the people we love!

my mom didn't even know her phone did such a thing,   -it was kind of by accident, but she came in to share with me, how

she could click on a given face, of a friend or family member,  -and face recognition programming, would INSTANTLY! select from her library of pictures a dozen or so pictures that include that given person

organize and create a slide-show using a combination of still shots + video

WITH music already in the background!  and INSTANTLY present a mini-movie..

it is awesome to me beyond words   -beyond words!    and, this ability to click on a given friend/family member..  and instantly change who is the current star of the memory show..

so amazing.  truly..  

we are living in very   -very!-   good times indeed.


now, I do not yet have a phone that fancy.. but..  one day!   and I'm curious,  -what can be accomplished with the heart seen photography collection

heart shape recognition vs. face recognition

and then,   -the plants, flowers, trees at alden lane..      

I love the presentation of stills + video, with music in the background, and digital screens as the medium for the backlighting..    just beautiful.

"Thank You!"   all you tech geniuses...   

In,  -can you see Jesus in every face     's,  name,    amen!


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