Tuesday, February 28, 2017

FULLY EVOLVED HUMAN BEINGS to (me!) sandra, tvgp

Throughout his life, Edhi emphasised the humanitarian, rather than religious, motivation for his work.
His foundation receives "zakat" (Islamic charity) donations, which he used to help Muslims, Christians and Hindus.
Asked why he helped non-Muslims, he said: "Because my ambulance is more Muslim than you."
He also famously lamented: "People have become educated ... but have yet to become human."

**  above is a copy/paste excerpt from link clicked on from google doodle honoring Abdul Sattar Edhi.      -to my knowledge and memory; this is my first introduction to him..    "Thank You!"

***  it is a springboard to repeat, that for me, humanitarians are our most evolved human~beings.   and springboard to repeat, that while I am Christian, and serve Jesus Christ,  -as my declared Lord and Savior..    

The Fruits of the Spirit are non-denominational.  They are spiritual LAWS, which I define as   -that which applies to ALL OF HUMANITY; not exclusive to specific religions; denominations.

love * joy * peace * patience * kindness * goodness * gentleness * faithfulness * self~control.


my religion is Christianity.  my spiritual walk is in love; with effort to master the fruits of the spirit.


that said,  -I have other criteria for defining our most evolved human~beings.  Humanitarianism is way up there!  and mastery of the fruits of the spirit...     and for me, a fully evolved human~being would be free from any/all addictions; any/all notions of superiority or inferiority

character traits such as honesty/integrity are present.  appreciation for life, beauty, art..   and acceptance/appreciation of our temporary physical existence.. an understanding/appreciation for the gift of suffering and self-sacrifice.   a heart/mind which cannot turn its back, or a blind eye to injustices.   a spirit of generosity.   the ability to forgive self and others.   in word and deed; the desire to help others..      goals for bigger picture.. not self-seeking, but leading/collaborating for greater good of all humanity

and all of that..   using different words/different arrangement is already in the Bible.

In Jesus trustworthy name,   amen!



briefly: it is my personal experience; my interpretation of what has taken place inside of me.  -that I have in fact, been involved and am personally engaged in the sanctification process..    in crude brief language: the purification of my soul/spirit

oh! I feel the same as Dr Maya Angelou, in this way...    she said, I paraphrase here, capture the essence:

 "i make 87 mistakes from between the time my feet hit the floor in the morning..  and when I go to bed at night..  and then I forgive myself, and try and do good again the next day"

and I feel that way too...     so many mistakes; some bigger, some smaller..   but each day is a new day.    and where the sanctification takes place

is that, no matter how many mistakes, or what size

the mistakes I make are from

natural human error.   being tired.   being ignorant.   reaching beyond my areas of experience/knowledge.   not fully exercising/tapping into my experience/knowledge.  lack of understanding.   from things I misunderstood to begin with.  accidents.  miscommunications.  trying to hurry.. this could be a longer list, but

the point.

my heart.  my heart is in the write place.  with great consistency, my heart is in the write place..  my mistakes are not born from a desire to hurt or injure or exploit or manipulate or marginalize or control others, in any way; ever..  

sanctification appears to happen in these steps  /again, crude/brief:

-awareness of when behaviors/decisions are born from insecurities; jealousy; hate; fear; addictions... etc.

-slow, incremental change to behaviors/decisions where the origin is from love and with love and toward love.      and for definitions/understanding of what love is..     I might suggest 1 Corinthians, 13 

where,   love really does conquer all...   ALL that yucky stuff like insecurities, jealousy, hate, fear..

where, perfect love, casts out all fear.

sanctification is such a beautiful experience!   so wonderful..    I recommend a prayer

-for those not yet aware/introduced at all, pray, ...   Please introduce me to this mysterious process..   amen.

for Freshmen:   Thank you..   allow me to keep growing..    into knowing..    amen.

for Graduates:  Thank you!   don't let me go...     -you who have started a great work in me..   carry me to completion..   /see:  Philippians 1:6


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