Saturday, February 25, 2017

merve griffin and donald trump.. ? remembers (me!) sandra, tvgp

who can fact check for me?  I woke to this memory..    tiny piece of tv footage, with a long lasting impact

Donald trump..   no. wait..  merve griffin purchased real estate from Donald trump  -years ago.. how many, don't know

but what stands out, is how Donald trump used the public platform to make sure everyone knew, merve griffin paid way too much..    the unspoken message:   -I played you..   you are stupid...  look how much I profited off of you..     and trump kept on bragging..    and merve was put in a position to try and defend..

trump's character was so blatantly ugly; his ego/narcissism...   this whole,  i'm superior and will rub your face in it...  humiliate you in public...    the personal pride and braggadocio from successfully exploiting/manipulating

he takes great pride in screwing people over.

everyday I wake up..    "America...  who?!? have you made President of the United States of America..."

  -the skill set required to be a successful business person    -where success is exclusively defined by financial gain; at sometimes any cost

this skill set, which trump does have in abundance..    fits, I suppose, for the capitalism portion of our identity as a country..

/let me interject here, repeat my personal definition of capitalism:   -it is where the amount of money you make is more important than how you make it.

but, anyway..   that skill set, and the skill set required to be the President of the United States of America are NOT THE SAME. 

that capitalism skill set, isn't a good fit, for the DEMOCRACY, identity of our country..

businesses are most often dictatorships..


there are questions of basic character for me..     /lacking..
there are questions of  -basic communication skills...    when I consider the variety of people/leaders from all around the world, all the different cultures, languages..     and see the communication skill set this particular president has to offer...     /also, severely lacking
decision-making..    when I consider the consequences of some of the decisions that have to be made.. how many people/countries, long term/short term consequences..   the amount of things that SHOULD BE CONSIDERED AND FACTORED IN..    vs., Trumps decision-making skill set..  how much time he spends thinking/consulting/considering/weighing...      when the stakes are so high..

and when the stakes are NOT exclusively financial...

  -also, severely lacking

his ability to listen...    

   -and please..   he is not willing to make transparent where he has businesses/business interests around the globe?  his inability/unwillingness to divest interests during his term...

these emolument concerns are entirely valid...

my vote would be to impeach..       let him continue to thrive in the business arena where he clearly belongs


I am currently lacking knowledge myself,   -speaking of consequences, and factoring things in..

upon his impeachment..   which I view as inevitable;

the result of that...

surely it could not be worse.


In Jesus non-partisan name...    amen!


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