Saturday, February 18, 2017

HYPOCRISY Report Card. for (me!) sandra, tvgp

the list is much longer than I will admit.  but here's two:

 -you know how I like to lightheartedly joke,  -every time something goes wrong, "that's because they didn't ask me first!  -had they asked me.. I could have spared them...  /this or that.."

but these days, I'm like "stop asking me!  I don't want to fill out one more frickin' survey"...   my God, don't you have some clue as to how you're doing?!   -self assess already..  ask a few people...   how much feedback, from how many people, on how many things?

but this is because I can't seem to make a move, order a product online, visit a counter at a store, purchase a product at a kiosk,  eat at a restaurant...    -I can't seem to rent a movie, borrow a book, or send a letter, without my action being followed up with a questionnaire or form to fill out..       it is absolute overkill.

and, very important that I create one myself so I can know how I can improve my blog...


also, I really like his beard.   and i don't get a vote, but if i did, i would vote, keep the beard.  it looks very attractive.

and, but..   if the person with the beard said to me..   i liked your hair..  /whatever.. blond, brunette...     you should keep it that way, it looked very attractive

i would be like,  "well, that's too bad isn't it.  i like it gray."


new page:   highly interested in davis's website, and the entire field of IPM

if i had the time and money i would put down the novel I'm currently reading, quit my job, and read the website full-time

but only to mine for analogies... 

i'll be back to correct/amend..   I'm writing pre-maturely.. but,

really, it's all about learning how to create healthy environments in the natural world... identify pests and insects.. determine whether they are a help or hindrance to a given garden/plant/tree/flower.. farm

whether you should attract, or repel..   or co-exist with given creatures...

which are immediate threats...    which are beneficial..    on and on..

and of course I'm fascinated with the knowledge of how color/aroma can be used to manipulate whether you attract or repel..

or set boundaries..

control populations..

and there are lighthearted conversations at alden lane, where we discuss..   the effect of hormones/pheromones in humans.. how we send these signals, and don't even know..

and, so of course, I'm so curious..  i mean i know how to attract a man.. but, what scent do i need to generate or wear to attract a Christian, loyal, monogamous...   honest, kind, funny...  hard-working.. loving...

    i need to put some copper tape...   around my heart...   and spray something that kills the desires of players/liars..   but attracts...      /and if it weren't for work, these little imagination movies would have no end..

newish page:

all of this is going on in the human population everyday..

and   -as the name itself indicates-   "potter's touch"   "potters house"    -Bishop T.D. Jakes..   

there are lots of teachings where the analogy of a potter and clay are used to describe the relationship between God and his children..

but i am absolutely convinced the best analogy is gardener and garden..    /and didn't it all get started..

God as the ultimate gardener..    we, as plants, flowers, trees..

and God knows, for each individual, the exact amount of air, water, sun, shade, attention, ...   the write soil conditions..   what to use to attract; to create concern/awareness; which things to remove; which to amend..  where to set boundaries..   when to prune, when to let go wild...  indoors/outdoors..  climate/temperature...  hover vs. ignore..   moisture levels...  on and on...

so that each individual can become/realize their full potential..

there are a million analogies!!    but it is when we connect, through prayer/meditation..  that we can heed the information and work in collaboration..

plus..  mine the Bible for garden references...    its saturated in references to the earth..  gardens.. vineyards..  the natural world..

ive already noted:  sun is to plants; as attention is to humans..  (shade/introverts; sun/performers)

and i'm pretty sure:  money is to humans; as water is to plants...  (overwatering causes...   underwatering causes..)

and i kinda think:   air is analogous to love..   (mandatory for all... and the more pure/fresh the better)

pruning  -getting rid of any unhealthy relationships/counterproductive thinking; conquering addictions..     becoming free from bugs like, fear/insecurities...

and i am entertaining/pondering the idea, that sanctification in humans, is like..   well, the ultimate horticulturist already knows, how much of this &; that...  to reach full potential...

sanctification seems to me..  kinda like, when the perfect amount of everything...   sun/shade; nutrients; pruning..   time/seasons...   care/attention...    weeding..   amending...

when it all combines to bring out the best...


and i will conclude with this:

for me...   this is the single most beautiful house plant I ever have seen..   i mean, it is just spectacular!!   and, in my heart, the desire..

the desire would be to snatch it up and bring it home with me.. and set it..  anywhere..  anywhere my eyes could land on it every morning.. and when i return home from work

but you can't just snatch it up.. and put it anywhere you want.

it has certain environmental requirements if it is expected to thrive..

horticulturists have already learned how much light, how much water, how much space...  what soil..

it wont just grow anywhere.. under any circumstance   /but some plants will!

and so, i thought to myself..  after learning more about this plants specific requirements,

i thought to myself...  i day~dreamed:   if i had the money and time and resources..

 i would design my entire custom built home around the needs of this gorgeous, spectacular house plant...


In Jesus mustard seed is planted in you's name...  amen!


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