Thursday, February 16, 2017

Trust God. Believe in Yourself. review by (me!) sandra, tvgp

these things will combine to help you make decisions, if you give me just a minute...

PART ONE:  on several occasions Joyce Meyers has taught about the importance of sticking things out:  remaining in your marriage, even when it gets difficult.   remaining at your job, even when it gets tough.   etc., etc.,

and she will say, "someone else might gladly take your husband just so they don't have to eat alone."   -or, "someone else might be glad to have your job..."

but she has also shared, she herself is divorced and remarried, and she also shares how she accepted a job as a pre-school teacher, and only lasted about 3 hours      /something like that..

and each one of us, will have occasions   -multiple occasions, when we have to decide whether to stick something out, or cut losses and move on...

pay close attention to HOW you make these decisions..     best case/worst case scenarios of seeing something through; best case/worst case scenario of cutting losses, moving forward

Joyce teaches, not to let your feelings/emotions dictate your decision...

it is my experience and observations, that most people already know the answer, in any given situation, but spend a great deal of time and energy contemplating anyway..

so, i'm fascinated when Joyce Meyer talks about her very brief time as a pre-school teacher:  why did she not internally argue with her desire to leave?   why did she not  -stick it out, and consider it a potential and important time to learn greater patience; endurance; adult/child relationship building..  

she bailed.   -and, yet..   teaches valid lessons on the virtues of staying in that job you hate.


               -she later explains..       she did not feel the anointing for that position...


PART TWO: i recently complemented a co-worker friend on his merchandising   -it looks fantastic, his St Patricks themed display

he commented that he does his best work when he doesn't think about it   -just does it.

   -that!   is a master level skill set.   when you no longer have to think; you just do.

what was once cumbersome, slow, awkward..   becomes pure instinct

the process is best captured by repeating what i heard mike Meyers repeat/quote:


at the start you are:   UNconsciously INcompetent    (you don't even know, you don't know..)

next you become:  CONSCIOUSLY INcompetent (aware you have some learning to do; need practice)

via practice/repetition you then become:  CONSCIOUSLY COMPETENT  (aware you are gaining mastery)

until, at the master level you are:   UNCONSCIOUSLY COMPETENT   -this is when you are operating out of pure instinct..  you don't think about it; practice and repetition allow you to

just do it.

excellent examples:   learning to tie your shoe, as a child.   learning to drive, as a young adult..

learning the art of friendly conversation..


CAVEAT BEING:   even through practice, dedication, repetition...    i could not become a steph curry, or tiger woods, or prima ballerina, or a mozart..


you must also be operating in collaboration with your God given gifts and talents.

so, discovering what your God given gifts and talents are...

this becomes quite a pleasurable responsibility in achieving what it is you are ultimately looking for

-doesn't it.

and lining these things up:   gifts/talents, with creative process..

that is when you just can't lose, even if you tried.


so, when it comes to sticking it out, or cutting your losses

Trust your God given heart; Believe in yourself...     you already know the answer.


In Jesus brought (me!) this far for good reasons...  name,   amen!


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