Tuesday, February 07, 2017

email to (michael graff!) from (me!) sandra, tvgp

Michael Graff,   I will no doubt share a version of this testimony on my blog soon, but,  -before that

had to let you know, not since reading cathedral by Raymond Carver
have I so thoroughly enjoyed the pace, level of craft, humor and over-all content and organization of a short story

-choose between random circumstance, or divine choreography, but whether you project secular or spiritual influences

the upshot is that I came across the wait and sea

and have only one word for you:


Blessings!   -from reader in northern California


we had dinner together tonight:  mom, rick, sue..  myself.    this was all after sue accidentally fell, kissed some bricks  -emergency room visit..   couple stitches,





sue:   "Sandra,   learn from your mother here...   marry someone younger...   not older.  younger!"

and, since I was pretty fresh off reading the wait and sea

I thought to myself..

how much younger?    13 years?


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