Saturday, February 04, 2017

"jonny lang to the rescue!" for (me!) sandra, tvgp

God ALWAYS rewards me one way or another, when I move; declutter, pack up boxes, repack boxes..   and this time, I came across a jonny lang CD, long misplaced..

and yesterday, well, it was not until I had to slam on my breaks to avoid being squished between two eighteen wheelers, that I realized..

like, OMG, I have been dancing and singing again, for like, the last 10 miles!  and, with only one hand on the wheel!   -the other holding my coffee cup..   I was not even initially conscious that I was doing that.

pay attention here:  in just ONE DAY, I went from both hands gripping the steering wheel for dear life, and non-stop prayer for the entire journey to work..

to, -movin' & grovin' again, while I drive and sip coffee...     "Thank You!" Jesus, and "Thank You" Jonny Lang..

how could I not move & grove to..   "dont. let 'em tell you you can't be

anything you wanna be...   don't be deceived...   anything's possible!"     and my 2nd favorite song on the track..     ".. one person at a time..."

which I was lip synching in the proper tone, until, three cars tried getting in the same lane..  then I was yellin' out the window..   "YOU CAN CHANGE A LANE... ONE PERSON AT A TIME!"

my God,  -everyone needs a basic manners on the road class..    " MANNERS PEOPLE!"


look what else started my day off quite write:    The Heart Seen...  by (me!)  "Thank You!" to Rick

  -sometimes it feels extra magical..   because in this case, my mom's husband Rick, surprised us by having a bag full of donuts next to the coffee maker   -donuts he had picked up at some ungodly early time in the morning..   and neither one of us even heard him leave or return to the house.

anyway..   ~ a maple bar! one of my personal favorites, and..  when I tore off a chunk to attack and set it down to get my coffee..   it landed, with no intention involved whatsoever, as you see it here..

I was like, "Thank You! Rick..   Thank You! Jesus!"    -because..   I know a valentines from heaven when I see it..

and speaking of valentines! and heart seen's...

look at this too!   -emailed to me by leonard stegmann yesterday:

I mean, ~come on!   zoe..  should absolutely be the February picture on the 2017 cat calendar...  what a winner!    "Thank You!"  squidmann...   

hallelujah & happy super bowl and happy valentines..   amen!


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