Thursday, February 02, 2017

"look at all these potential readers!" for (me!) sandra, tvgp

I have to make this very brief:   GRATITUDE that there is not an age cap on moving back in with my mom..  and her husband, because ive been provided a room just in time to celebrate my 51st birthday with them.  now, i'm not proud that my financial situation is what it is, and i'm sure they're not -proud- about having an adult child return..  but, they have generously and with love, provided a room..  family support,  and, i'm coming home from long/physical days to warm, home-cooked meals..  and leaving very early today, but with a prepared, delicious lunch to bring with me.  "thank you!  I love you!"

and now, let me just share that for all the years I was both living and working in Pleasanton.. anytime I got in my car, the music goes on immediately, and there is almost no where I would drive that I wasn't also always dancing and lip syncing  in my seat while I drove

but now that I have this   -commute.  honey, my hands are in 10 and 2 position, my focus is heightened, I am unable to move and groove, because I have to

"watch out for the giant truck!"    and, just when I think maybe I can get back into the music

"break lights!   BREAK. SCREECH."

so, mostly I just repeat to myself, over and over and over,

"Thank you Jesus that I get to and from work safely everyday.   Thank you Jesus that I get to and from work safely everyday...."

and truth be told, by the time I arrive, I've already put in a full days worth of energy.

I really do think, if we emphasize the fact that people have more energy, and can be more productive as a result, when large chunks of time/energy are not consumed just trying to stay alive during the commute

we can do a better job matching people geographically to their places of employment.   it is crazy to see miles and miles and miles and miles of cars all in a row, in "STOP!!!!" and go traffic

and, so  -I am spiritually trained enough at this point in life, to make the most of any given situation; -write.

so, in my effort to turn things around, I looked at all these people that were either passing me by, or cutting me off,

and I was like, "hey! look at all these potential readers!"   and ive decided to invest again on getting my website put on my car window again

it is the cheapest form of advertisement..    


The Heart Seen exhibit panels are on display at the Pleasanton Library for the month of February.  This brings me joy!


In Jesus    -I'm mean really..    please take the wheel!'s  name,   amen!


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