Monday, February 06, 2017

cerebral hyperlink to... top 5 treasure! for (me!) sandra, tvgp

(me!):  "so, where is the closest U.S. Bank to here?"

my mom:  "closest one is in Hayward"

(me!)"  "Hayward?!"     /because haven't I been so spoiled having one so close while I lived in Pleasanton.    "They don't have a U.S. Bank in San Leandro?"   /because don't they have multiple locations everywhere?

my mom:  "and I can tell you how you'll know how to find it..   remember the bank you were in when it was robbed.."

(me!):  "wells fargo.."

my mom:  "that's the U.S. Bank now.."

(me!):    "no way... ?!?   that is one of the top 5 treasures on my blog...!"     -was it wells fargo, or did sue~sue correct me? and I defaulted back to...?   "well isn't that I-RON-ICK..."      /alanis morissette voice here singing.."yes.. isn't that ironic, don't you think...  a little too ironic, yes, I really do think..    well, life has a funny way of sneaking up on (me!)..   and life has a funny way of helping (me!) out... "


the reason the bank robbery post is in my top 5 list, and maybe #1, is because it exists   -it was born, in the blogosphere  -which is a living document vs. a printed one, which means it can be added to at will..   and after I captured my (faulty) memories..   sue-sue added hers!..   and a long time later, I re-encountered steve shaw  (facebook inspired Hayward friends reunion), and he added his memories..

-fresh; raw; real..    relived/remembered many years after the traumatic event itself, and I had no idea about steve and joannes experience, and was grateful sue-sue's memory helped correct mine..

but there is every possibility, that this experience, these memories, could have just been -conversations- we briefly shared as we bumped into each other randomly over the years...  conversations that disappear and evaporate into the atmosphere..   but what a gift! the blogosphere..  because there is also every possibility, that we would have only my version, in a printed book, and maybe sue-sue/steve would have shared theirs, as the conversations took place.. but their versions would have potentially disappeared/evaporated the way verbal conversations do..  and/or, you have to print an entirely new book with amendments..

but  what a gift! the blogosphere!   a living digital online platform, which allowed sue-sue to hop write on, and share her memories   -now captured in writing

and steve..  much later, could just hop write on, and share his in writing!

-fresh; raw; real.   -they are not ~writers; sue-sue or steve, and once you read their versions, what I trust and hope you can very clearly see..  is that if anyone were to edit even one word, make any corrections whatsoever..

that would be a crime of a different kind.   that is another huge gift of the blogosphere!   we can keep it real.    and I much prefer we read, what would have been said/shared between us over a cup of coffee or a cold beer, than what we would read if we turned it in, and an editor got a hold of it..  in which case it would read/taste like common/cheap coffee, over filtered, and which I would want to spit out..

to read our very real, unedited,  bank robbery memories:  click write here

In Jesus has saved my life at least 25 different times, name...    amen!


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