Sunday, February 12, 2017

'im gonna grow (me!) some potatoes!" -sandra. seasoned cashier; tyro farmer/gardener

and so a family came up to me at the cash register at alden lane.  they had a few potatoes in a white paper bag:

"are these potatoes okay to eat?"

and with a smile, I said, "well,  if it were me, I would just pop those babies in a microwave, pour on some cheese and bacon...  

but I'm just a cashier.. let me go find an expert."

and so, alex was the nearest by.   oh! if you could have seen his expression..

"are these okay to eat?"


now, the entire question to me was a little..      like, what possible reason would there be to not eat these potatoes?   -they come from alden lane, not some..  spray-painted; profit-tainted.. origins unknown shelf in a gold fish store swallowed by a shark..    -write

and, yet intuitively I knew the question was entirely valid; I just didn't know why


alex, for those of you who have not yet had the pleasure of making his acquaintance..   he is very knowledgeable.

and accurate.   and thorough.    another way I can introduce him, is to say, he is the opposite of a person who gives yes or no answers.

so what he said was,     /accompanied by facial expressions which emphasized but's and should,s which I will italicize and bold respectively.   and forgive me here, because if you knew how much new information comes at me each working day, you would know I cannot remember this conversations verbatim, but I can give you the essence:

alex:  "your question is:  is it okay to eat these potatoes?  well, yes..  I mean you ~could~  safely eat these potatoes if you wanted to..   and they would probably taste very good.   much better than any store bought potatoes


you wouldn't want to eat these potatoes.   unless you want to waste money..  these potatoes are too valuable..  they are certified potatoes.  guaranteed disease free and are specifically for planting."

and then he went on to gesture how you would want to cut these highly valuable, disease free,  delicious yielding, certified potatoes into smaller chunky parts, and make sure there were at least two eyes, and then how you would plant them in a single layer and...

and then I spotted another customer in line across the way, and I was like, "oh!  that makes perfect sense..   can you walk over here to this beautiful family, and say all of that   -what you just said,  one more time please"


and that beautiful happy family left with a couple pounds of seed potatoes...   and potatoes seemed to parade through my mind throughout the rest of the evening..

never in my entire life have I ever planted a potatoe...    that would be so cool!  to plant a potato..  remember the scense in martian...    remember the famous painting...   which artist was that?   -vague memories I will have to google later..

and then, as I do not have the yard space to garden..   I came to the realization that this desire to plant a potato will have to wait..

or will it?!?

LOOK!   you can grow potatoes in a fabric pot!!   I cant contain myself...

seasoned cashier; tyro farmer/gardener...



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