Thursday, February 23, 2017

pleasanton museum's manual typewriter.. for (me!) sandra, rockstar writer...

  I was there just the other day. popped in to see some of charlotte severin's paintings; took in a wonderful exhibit of paintings, photography, jewelry..  and then had the great   -great! pleasure of typing on this magnificent old manual typewriter.  -now, i'm slightly fixated on the idea of owning one..  so much fun!  and the ink was out, so you couldn't see what I was typing, but my fingers said,

"it's all coming back to me...

anyway, I wont go on and on, like id like to, about the importance of tactile experiences and exercises..   but in short.. I can tell you,  -as we move away from this into our digital/virtual; mind consuming but tactile-deficient world     -well, I do notice it creates a certain longing for; and appreciation of..

anyway..  had a wonderful visit also with three women at the museum; delightful!  Trudy, Cheree, & Beverly    -more on that later,

for now..  this experience made me remember,  -the awe factor the first time I saw my mom type on an  -electric- typewriter..    so fast! like smoke coming up from the keyboard..    I compare it to.. if you saw someone on a tricycle..   and then later, on a Harley..     -stand back man..

and it made me want to pull from my archives the following:


Saturday, July 06, 2013

  ROCK STAR WRITER a poem by (me!) sandra, tvgp      

where did you two meet?

and how did you know?

these are two vital questions
when the answer is...  true love.

we met, i say, /with a wink and smile

" a hotel.   -i worked the front desk, and he was there on business."

it's true.

debbie introduced and i was instantly! seduced.

so long and sleek, quiet and shy..
that irristible skin and those tender black i's

this hp is made for (me!)
i when i say that, i mean that  -quite literally

how i love thee, love thee, love thee!
write now! forever! permanently!

yes, i was made for you, and you for (me!)

and when i say that, i mean that   -quite literally

as if,

as if someone measured my individual fingers, my write and left hand
as if someone, a designer, who really understands

who without request, and without demand
put my wildest dream in the palm of my hands

"i love you!"   "i love you!" types both of my hands
i'm a rock star writer, in a poetry band

yes,  i am the keyboard wizard!

i stand like a statue
become part of this machine
feeling all the letters
always typing clean
write by intuition
the blog counters fall
i'm a deaf, dumb and blind girl
but i sure play a mean keyboard...

dun ta da

you are comin' with me 
everywhere i go

from this day forward   -that's all i know

and i still need a monitor
and a computer too

but nothing seems impossible now that i've met you.

you make me feel
like a rock star writer in a poetry band
like my wildest dreams are in the palm of my hands

i'll put a strap on you baby
we'll tour the land

"i love you!"  "i love you!"  types both of my hands.


Thursday, March 05, 2015

ROCKSTAR WRITER as seen by (me!) sandra, tvgp

i think i have a poem by the same name; or very close.  written after my fingers touched a keyboard that seemed immediately custom made for my hands.. the greatest fit ever..  smooth beyond belief. and within that poem i also change the words a little and reference elton johns, pinball wizard song.
I'd give anything if i could attach a device to my brain which would allow me to share with you the music video that plays in my mind when i  hear that song.   i believe such a technology will one day exist because for 1.  the visuals that play in my mind are so vivid and clear and 2. its the exact direction everything is heading; access inside the brains and minds..
like anything and everything else; it will also be used for both good and evil.  and like everything else, it will primarily be used for good; just never exclusively.   <----- afraid.="" condition="" i="" m="" of="" p="" permanent="" this="" world="">
anyway.. allow me here to imagine it, and imagine it used for the good:  what a cool music video plays in my mind!
please play pinball wizard song in the background. it triggers the video; the images.  they never appear without music; nor to any other song.
forgive the ego; i am the star of this particular video.  it starts when i am very young. you see me as a child learning to write on that very large lined tan paper, with red hyphen size lines and thick blue lines which are there to guide children in learning the size of capital letter vs. lower case and to write straight across the page vs. how writing tends to tilt on a blank page.
and so, there i am..  learning to hand-write; awkward at first; gradually improving as all children do.
and you see me writing for school, -but also, more importantly, writing at home; in my own notebook for my own pleasure
-because i can.
and then it speeds through my elementary, middle school, and high school years..  always writing..  school, home..  home, school,  -helping others with their writing assignments..
and the tools change, exactly as they have changed during the course of my life:
pencil to lined paper.
pen to blank paper.
manual typewriter.
electric typewriter.
PC keyboard.
laptop (keyboard attached)
back to detached keyboard; plastic
glass keyboard (i-pad)
to phone..
the tiny glass keyboard you can only two thumb type on.
but i see myself.. no matter where.. school, home, college, work..  writing, writing, writing..
filling shelves worth of journals.. then a big fire where I toss them all in..
new journals..
then articles for the newspapers..  marketing brochures, emails, resumes, poems, short stories... 
during certain parts of the song; especially the opening..
i see myself typing write-handed, left-handed, on a table, behind my back, writing with one hand while the other hand does some other task.  playing the computer keyboard the way the great entertainers play the piano.. standing up, sitting down, hitting keys with my feet, spinning around.. backwards, sideways..    then i strum the keyboard like a guitar..i am a rockstar..and do the big circle gesture with my arm i think peter frampton is famous for..
"...that deaf, dumb and blind girl...
SHE sure plays a mean keyboard...
how do you think SHE does it?   i don't know.  -what makes her so good?
SHE ain't got no distractions, can't hear no buzz or bells.."
/during that part.. i  see myself typing up a storm with my young kids all active around me but i  am oblivious..
"..always gets a replay, -never tilts at all..."
it's like a really cool music video if i  do say so myself.
and me being (me!)..   i can't help but be fascinated with our ability. -that is, the ability within all of us
to have this amazing movie screen in our imaginations entirely separate from the practical outside world; private if we choose
-or manifest into actual movies, music videos, if we want and can..
-this particular song triggers what I've just described
-more and very often, i see entire large dance teams in amazingly choreographed numbers to any given song i might be listening to..
in the real world, you have to first actually choreograph a number.. then practice, then perform
in my imagination all of the prep work has already been done. i just get to see awesome! amazing! fantastic performances by what appear to be the worlds greatest dancers..
of course! i wish you could see them too!


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