Thursday, March 02, 2017

POWER is not in the PRAYER.. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

i spend a great amount of time in prayer.   the power though, to change things, to heal, to help, to understand

the power is not in the prayer itself.  God has ultimate power of course, but for us;  the power is in CARING what/who you are praying about; not in the prayer itself.   you have to pay very close attention to what it means to CARE.   the impact; the results; the internal experience

lets play with the word for just a moment:  

do you even CARE?
She CARES a lot about you.
I don't care.
He only cares about money.
He only cares about winning.
They have many causes they care deeply about.
How do you know if they care?
How do you get people to care?
I can tell they care about...  {variable}

and it is why, I  light~heartedly, and quite seriously, keep asking the brain initiative subcommittee to locate the care neuron.

in the genius quote of Dr Suess:  

unless someone like you
CARES a whole awful lot
Nothing is going to get better.
It's not.


 -the inspiration for this post, is born this week from,  -learning that at least 7 of my friends, friends.. have recently been diagnosed, or are continuing to battle cancer.

so, I repeat here, my 4 point prayer.

1.  God is with you.  You are not alone.

2.  Gratitude for ALL healthcare providers.   everyone on the team, from the receptionist to the  surgeon..    every family; friend..

3.  Specific healing...    spiritual as well as physical.   they are two very separate things; combined.

4.  Trust God


When we pray..    this reveals what and who we CARE about
When people pray for us..     this allows us to know someone CARES

an atheist with cancer might not believe in God, or therefore Prayer; but an atheist is not immune to the internal experience of knowing someone CARES.    or, no one even cares


lets play with the word again..

They don't CARE whether I live or die..
They CARE so much about me..
No one CARES
She is the only who CARES


I do not know that it is quantifiable; how much someone cares; how deep; how wide..   for how many people and how many causes..

I only know, that people should CARE more about people than things; than money; than status.. etc.,

and I wonder how I could prove that is true...?           and I wonder what it takes to get people to CARE more about other people..?


let's play with the word one last time:

   there are only so many things I have time to care about..

how much do you CARE about time?    the way you spend your life time...

when none of us know how much time we have..


the power is not in the prayer itself. the power is in the CARING.  

what happens inside us when we CARE about others.   what happens inside us, when we KNOW SOMEONE CARES

and oh! what a beautiful thing..  when cancers are cured..   when people heal

what a beautiful thing.. all the scientist, researchers, doctors,  -who CARE.. about finding answers and solutions to health problems..

I mean,   -what if no one CARED

               I like to entertain the idea..   God using all things for good:   the researcher who only cares about status; being the first to find! the accolades...  the patent; the prize...  the chemists/pharmaceutical manufacturers who only cares about paychecks/ sales/profits;    -make this list long..   with most people caring about themselves; money or status..  throw in the people who care about a cure; who care about others; who care about patients;

it takes a lot of people caring about a lot of different things; some more noble and altruistic than others, to find cures and heal people.   so, I imagine that..

God using all things for good..   how God can, without denying free will..   combine the CARING natures of both the altruistic and the materialistic for the greater good...

it is in fact this combination that gives not birth, but commercial life to a great deal of   -art.   to a great deal of many things we enjoy in our day to day lives in our capitalistic/democratic society..

but let me get back..


in the instances physical lives are lost to cancer, to health challenges

it is NEVER because you didn't care enough; pray properly;  -for lack of faith, etc.

it is so important to trust results to God.     And to grieve; because this demonstrates/expresses that you CARED

and to be grateful for every hug, kiss, sympathy card, expression of condolence   -because this is a demonstration/expression that people CARE about your loss; your pain..

and please sit for a moment noting the internal/spiritual  difference:

PEOPLE CARE..     vs.  no one even cared..

this has a large impact on the healing of grieving individuals/families/communities..

PRAYER is synonymous with CARING   -the vocabulary for God's children:  prayer.    for seculars:  care


unless someone like you
CARES a whole awful lot
Nothing is going to get better.
It's not             
                            -Dr Suess

when someone like you
PRAYS a whole awful lot
Everyone gets better
   -stay stuck we will not.

                              - (me!)


In Jesus, blessed are those who care     's,  name...      amen!


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