Saturday, March 04, 2017

motives, incentives, frustration, beauty for (me!) sandra, tvgp

and so know this,  -know this:  my single motivation for revisiting the traumas of my past is to show you just how far God's hand can reach into a pit..   rescue and restore.

and my single motivation for the upcoming photography class I'm absolutely going to sign up for... eventually..  is because I am out of my mind frustrated with my inability to capture the true beauty of this sensational and gorgeous and mesmerizing magnolia tree      -God's creative majesty

and I know other professional photographers have already succeeded   -but I want to do it myself!

here are a few of my attempts:     /but you really must see magnolias with your own two eyes...    and, I rather believe..     that even if you are blind..    beauty has an experiential energy vibe     -nothing you can experience from a picture of..  but when you are in the physical presence of...

In  -if Jesus had a picture of your heart...     's    name,   amen!


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