Friday, March 03, 2017

TRUE STORY! TRUE STORY! about the power of prayer by (me!) sandra, tvgp

what a gift!  k

true story, from yesterday morning: on my way to work, and this little white sports car..  speeding and weaving in and out of the lanes putting how many people at risk?

racing, weaving, by the way, only to end up at the red light like the rest of us.   I said out loud to Jesus, I said,  "Jesus! please safely slow that driver down."

and that was my sincere request.

when the light turned green, I turned left, and the little white sporty car went straight..  obviously in the same hurry; only worse, because now trying to make up for time lost at the red light..


just as the white car went zipping straight..   a police car pulled out of a parking lot

write behind him.

I just smiled so big.  "Thank You!" Jesus..               and danced and sang my way to work.


now: I am not so delusional as to believe my prayer had the power to...   but!  the power of prayer is revealed quite beautifully

because the power of prayer..     is to REVEAL

prayer REVEALS the level of your spiritual education, if you will.

may I say this crudely, because it simplifies.

there are those who would not pray at all.  (preK, lets call them../because I'm an optimist)

there are those who would respond, like  "I hope you crash! you idiot driver"   /make this vocabulary a variable, throw in f-bombs..  you get the picture. 

there are those who would allow themselves to be upset, not only in the moment, but for the rest of the day..  based on the woulda/couldas..

there are those, who kick into forms of vigilantism:   "I'll slow you down!"   and participate in equally risky driving behavior trying to catch up to and punish...

there are a variety of potential responses, but, some are more impulsive/reactionary   -of the flesh.  and some are more   mature/responsive    -of the spirit.

  -of course, road rage is a very real thing.    and justifiable based on..      but a person with even low levels of spiritual education, will never engage in road rage

spiritual education helps in the way WE RESPOND to thoughtless/reckless drivers

hoping a thoughtless/dangerous driver gets what he deserves!    -of the flesh

hoping a thoughtless/dangerous driver becomes aware, and corrects his/her behavior   -of the spirit

letting the actions of a thoughtless/dangerous/reckless driver highjack your mood and upset you for extended amounts of time     -of the flesh

the ability to witness...   pray..      recover...    shake it off/move forward:    -of the spirit.

do you drive    -in the flesh?   or   -in the spirit?

the selfish/reckless drivers:   -flesh.            aware of others/consequences/value of respecting speed limits/signs/not texting,  not driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol, etc.    -spirit.


and then the last point id like to make, is that..     sometimes the academic achievements, /based on license plate frames and decals      -and the financial achievements  /based on the expensive of cars seen driving recklessly..  putting so many other people at risk..

obviously we have some very well educated, financially secure people driving like...

"Tame my tongue! Jesus...   "

anyway..    there oughta be spiritual schools;  in Jesus, is the master teacher    's name,   amen!


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