Monday, March 06, 2017

response to steven pressfield/professional mind set from (me!) sandra, tvgp

great reading, and yes. when we use our hearts as our gps: we are always write where we belong and headed in the write direction.
it is a language/communication system which does not require literacy
but does require practice.


and it just reminds me..   when I first, first, fell in love with the blogosphere..   it was because I could so immediately RESPOND to what I had just read; on the spot..     -revolutionary at the time.   so exciting!


but,   -best timeless quote of all time applies again:  that Dickens!

it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.    -because if you watch the interview with jared cohen of jigsaw...         on my (currently healing from surgery) Charlie Rose show..


and I always return to the roses and the grapevines/vineyards..

In Jesus   -out of darkness and into the light    's name,   amen!


response 3/9/17

prayers, blessings, condolences to everyone within loving distance of david.  it may very well be his voice now, whispering into the hearts/minds of earth-bound writers..
regarding the discovery of our unique voices  -I am eternally grateful to the innovators of the blogosphere.  when writing professionally for magazines, newspapers, trade journals, etc.  -you are required to represent their voice
the blogosphere allowed me to discover and represent and honor my own
and speaking of muses, that cerebral hyperlinks here:
it is my experience:

writing is a powerful instinct  -surrender! to win


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